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Revenge Killing of NYPD Cops: The Left Reaps What it Sows

It was very refreshing to see the NYPD send a clear signal to New York City Mayor DeBlasio that they are not happy with his leadership:

Why do I single out the Left? Because the politics of hyphenation and tyranny of the minority, are just a few of the tools it uses to advance what it cannot secure at the ballot box. They have been at it since, at least, the 1960s. And it is not the first time that they target the men and women in blue for political reasons.

These men and women, without lifting a finger, said something that millions of Americans have wanted to say for a long time to the media, the race baiters, and politicians on both sides of the aisle: stop it. Think before you speak.

Stop giving in to what is quickly becoming, mob rule. America deserves better. The law — the one on the books, not the ones you make up or distort for political reasons — matters. Rather than aspire for the greater good, the Left presses onward, by design, toward some modern-day Hobbesian state of nature.

America is better than that, although you’d think otherwise if you believe if you believe the propaganda from the President, Attorney General, other political, as well as the self-appointed community, leaders.

As for rest of us, the majority and many others who should know better, side with the good guys (and gals), for a change.

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