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Gruber-ing the CIA (and the American People)

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), and others on the Left who support her, are about to Gruber the American people and the CIA. It will not be healthcare, but rather intelligence (or lack thereof). The outgoing, thankfully, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will spearhead one more campaign to further weaken the intelligence services.

If and when the enhanced interrogation report is published this week,  you’ll also listen, if you care to tune in, a lot of people in this town argue both sides of the matter. The experts who do intelligence work for a living are already saying it is a really bad idea. People will die. U.S. security will be damaged. American power weakened, at least temporarily. For the Left, I’d say it is mission accomplished.

It’s political voyeurism, at best. It also shows a somewhat ugly, unsophisticated way for the political branches to solve a problem. Of all the oversight and balance of power issues that the federal government must contend with, this one area requires a little more discretion, if not secrecy, than most others. Yes, too much information. This issue has been studied, and should be studied more in the future; however, as far as legality and oversight, the Democrats are exhuming, to beat some more, a horse long dead.

There was a time in American history when intelligence oversight was done, mostly, on a handshake and off the record. There was a very high level of trust and, by and large, things worked. However, that arrangement was abused, at various points, by both the Executive and the Legislative branches of government. It all came to a head in the mid- and late 1970s and things have never been quite the same.

The Left wants us to believe that Americans tortured people, as in the Spanish Inquisition. Just as the history taught about the Inquisition these days is mostly fantasy, revisionism, so is the narrative about what the intelligence community may or may not have done in the aftermath of 09.11.01. What this hatchet job reminds me is something a former CIA director told me a few month after he was, somewhat unceremoniously, forced to leave: there will ‘always be people in this town, indeed the country, who wish the United States did not have intelligence services.’

There are folks in this town, elected political leaders and in the think tank world who are mostly on the Left but, regrettably, some of the right as well, who view intelligence work as unnecessary. I had a tough time believing that but it is true. They’d rather see it on the silver screen, if at all. Of course, they will never say that. It hurts the donor pool (in the case of politicians) and, well, it would be un-American, just as publishing the report at this time (if ever).

Rather opponents of intelligence work use a special type of water torture, the drip drip method, to see how they can weaken the intelligence establishment, in the short run, in the hopes that some day it will cease to be a factor in policy-making. Quixotic? Indeed. It is also dangerous and our enemies, yes we have enemies, exploit it.

Too bad these people, especially the intelligence committee Chairman, and the staff who unlawfully removed and use classified documents to score political points, can’t see greater good. As with ObamaCare, she thinks that the American people, and the CIA, are stupid. The Left thinks the American people are incapable of thinking for themselves, or ascertaining what is right or wrong. They are wrong. St. James the Greater, pray for them.

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