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Mini-Milestone: The 1000th Post …

Today’s post marks a minor milestone for the DC Dispatches, one that we never set out to really accomplish. Does that make it a milestone?  Anyhow it is our 1000th blog. 1,000 really sounds like a lot. In Psalm 90:4, a thousand years are merely a day gone by. It sure feels that way.

It’s been seven years. Really? Our very first post, Context Matters, was published on December 16, 2007. It about U.S.-Cuba matters. It has been a frequent theme on this site because the issue never really changes all that much. There have been a few brave souls that tried, and continue to try, to weaken U.S. policy, but that has bore no fruit of any consequence. By coincidence, this was also the very same day that Ron Paul raised an eye-popping $6 million for his presidential bid using a “money bomb,” an event credited as sparking the birth of the Tea Party movement.

It is about the writing, not the money. Some people make money blogging, but blogging is a hobby on our end. We have day jobs. Shakespeare it is not. Informative, certainly. Most of the contributors rarely, if ever, ingest much of what folk call these days the “mainstream news” because it tends to fit a narrative that someone we do not know thinks is important. For those of us based in the Washington, DC area, we’ve seen how the political and policy sausages are made. Rest assured that the DC-based mainstream news is mostly entertainment, not journalism (a few notable exceptions).

Mistakes and, some of the consequences that come with, still made this project well worth it. If you’re looking for Shakespeare, there are plenty of other websites out there. We’ve made some mistakes along the way, and will continue to do so. And we’ve been burned politically a handful of times. That is alright. It is all good.

Readers tend to write us in private, not in the comments section. Most of our friends, colleagues, and readers, prefer to write us or comment on posts privately, one on one. At the beginning, we found this somewhat odd. In hindsight, most of our readership would lose their jobs if they posted on a website what they really thought about a given issue. That is fine with us. This anonymity factor was somewhat disconcerting at the onset, but now we’re quite used it. It has even led to many new friendships and contacts with people and groups that we would not have ordinarily have connected with in the bricks and mortar world.

Keep the tips coming. On or about 2010, we started to receive anonymous tips from folks who claim to work with the federal government, in the Washington, DC area and beyond including Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. And, yes, there were a few we catalog under Tin Foil required. However, all tips are welcome. Some have been dead ends. Others potential nuggets led to interesting posts. If we had more time, we’d run a few more to ground. But we read them all so keep them coming.

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