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Give Thanks You Live in the United States of America

The early American settlers dabbled in socialism. It failed. As today’s Wall Street Journal lead editorial reminds us, “Private Property: On this Thanksgiving, remembering that the Pilgrims found that free enterprise was in God’s plan.” Indeed.

You’d think centuries after the first Thanksgiving in the New World, the current crop of fellow travelers would get with the program. The ship has sailed. And sunk, numerous times. The international Left, and the new generation progressives who support them, never seem to want to quit. Somewhat akin to the ordinary garden weed, these folk give special meaning to Cervantes’ quixotic crusader.

For example, after decades of failed Cuban-regime meddling in Venezuelan affairs, oil rich, idea poor, Venezuela is now embarking on a sure to fail venture, farming communes, with Iranian tractors to boot. Of course, the village idiots (and I mean that in a most complementary, Renaissance way) currently in control in Havana cling to same failed ideology that, among other things, ended with the first Cold War, circa 1991.

Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and a few other Latin American with card-carrying members are, to some degree or another, on that same socialist path to nowhere. A similar fate awaits many another country including North Korea, China, several outposts in Europe, and yes, even the Russians. To name just a few (and let’s give lots of thanks that it is just a few). How this all turn out? Only time will inform us.

While the international Left and American progressives (we’d like to call them something else but that would make us look not cool) are trying to poison the American system with this silly ideology, here too, it will fail. There are too many freedom-loving Americans to keep them in check.

Yes, there have been a few setbacks the past few years. They’ve won a few political skirmishes “for the people,” whatever that means, including ObamaCare, immigration amnesty, more regulations (including close to 3,500 new regulations just released this week in time for the holidays) and higher taxes. However all this too, will pass, fully undigested, leaving freedom-loving and defending Americans to clean up their social experimentation.

Give thanks you live in the freest and greatest country in the universe. Sure, we have some work to do, we always will. Yet study some world history (a few centuries, not a few decades worth) and you’ll soon realize how lucky you are to live in the United States of America. With freedom, private property and the rule of law, we can do anything that we set our sights to do. Never complain. Make the most of life and every day you’re given. And remember, liberty always wins (that was settled around 1619 – go Virginia). Without a doubt.



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