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Two-State Solution, A Cruel Diplomatic Tool

Three Americans were killed by radical Islamists yesterday. The media coverage and official U.S. responses, frankly, has been the equivalent of political tumbleweed.

The synagogue attack by axe-wielding Palestinian terrorists, cheered by radical Islamists everywhere (possibly even some right here in the United States), condoned by Hamas, and, of course, ignored by the Left, is yet one more reminder that the two-state solution will never ever work. Nor will anything remotely connected to that idea.

Ironically, the same people who continue to press the two-state solution tends to be the same crowd that wanted to cut and run from Iraq and Afghanistan. After 20+ years with Olso-like failures, why not the same passion to cut and run with Oslo? At least in Iraq and Afghanistan, freedom was winning.

Attacks such as these will never end, because it is not in the interests of the Palestinian terror state, or those who support them. It is one of the reasons why the entire peace process, if one can call it that, is flawed. The fact is my friends that peace is a two-way street. Both sides must want it.

In this case, one side will not stop until it sees the other party eliminated. Bluntly, dead. As in what happened yesterday in the Har Nof Massacre, with meat cleavers, if need be, to make a point. I’d rather not write this way, however, the media in this town keeps downplaying what happened. As they do for other seeming lone wolf attacks on Jewish people and places around the world. Anti-semitism? What’s that?

The Oslo Accord processes, and all it represents to this day, if anything, started with one party at the table with very dirty hands. Subsequent leaders of that terrorist organization may have traded fatigues and kafias for Armani suits and ties, but, deep down, nothing has changed. Palestinian leaders have failed to stop attacks, without a “state”. Why would a “state” make any difference? It will not. It will make things worse.

The United States should cease forcing peace on Israel because all it is doing is, by proxy, advancing the radical Palestinian cause. Palestinian leaders, and those who support them (and the network is vast), seek Israel’s elimination. By pushing along this two-state nonsense at the expense of freedom, is not the American way.

U.S. taxpayers, if they knew the truth about this charade, would shudder at their tax dollars underwriting this mess. Yes, by allowing this process to continue, we have helped, albeit indirectly, underwrite Palestinian terrorism. New leadership is long overdue.

I doubt, at this juncture, that the Congress, much less the Obama Administration, has the political stomach to do what is needed to move this discussion beyond this two-state mindset. Israel should re-double efforts to tell the story, make the tough decisions, and begin to chart a new way forward. Maybe then, and only then, will Israel secure much-needed support from the United States.


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