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New Book: Blood on His Hands, The True Story of Edward Snowden

There are many issues competing for Congressional attention. This is true just about at any given time. But there are matters that require serious Congressional scrutiny that require Members of Conrgess and staff to, literally, stop what they are doing and focus on the matter hand. The case of Edward Snowden, and those who support him, is such a situation. Frankly, I think the Congress has been tone deaf on this issue for far too long.

At the National Press Club tomorrow afternoon in Washington, DC, veteran journalist and media critic Clif Kincaid will be joined by Martin Edwin Andersen to unveil a forthcoming book: Blood on His Hands, The True Story of Edward Snowden. Andersen is the first national security whistleblower to be given the U.S. Office of Special Counsel’s “Public Servant Award.” In other words, unlike Snowden, Andersen followed the law when he stepped forward to disclose and, more importantly, he did not collaborate with foreign powers to damage U.S. national security.

I’m looking forward to what these folks have to say about the Snowden mess. The U.S. has allowed Snowden, and those who support him on the Left, as well as misguided and politically myopic people on the right, to run roughshod over U.S. national security and, yes, the civil liberty movement. These people think, in their own minds, that they are advancing civil liberty, but all they’ve really done is set back the cause for decades. They have twisted the facts, distorted the law, and fed every known conceivable civil liberty boogeyman possible to block programs that keep the nation, indeed the world, safer.

While the House Select Committee on Benghazi was needed, as well as holding Senate staff accountable for stealing classified information from a CIA facility in Virginia (I doubt this will ever happen, although maybe a Republican Senate can make it so), the Snowden matter should be looked at a lot closer than Congress has done to date. I’d add it may be more of a priority than even the Benghazi fiasco. Let’s see if this book can advance that cause.



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