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The ‘Compromise Industrial Complex’ Is In Disarray, But it Will Re-Group

The compromise industrial complex in this town is in a complete disarray. Not since the 1994 mid-term elections had I seen so many stunned people over a relatively known outcome, at least to political insiders. From my vantage point, perched in Northern Virginia, one needs to work extra hard sometimes to create the appropriate psychological distance from these events. You see the compromise industrial complex relies on the things as they are to survive.

Change is not necessarily good thing. This is especially true when you control the government, as the Democrats have for the past six years. Make no mistake about it, these folks are not happy at all that conservative Republicans will control both chambers of Congress.

The compromise industrial complex’s government knows best agenda, championed by President Obama, leftist groups, Senate Democrats, and small pockets of the Republican party, will face a huge check from the Article I branch. While these beltway denizens of government largesse will remain in political shock, and denial, for a few days, they are by no means defeated. They now have an easy political target for 2016 and beyond and they will seek to exploit it at every turned they can.

Backed by the establishment media and Democratically controlled K Street, they will grudgingly embrace the new, and larger, Republican Congressional majority. They do so because they must. For business and political reasons, they have no choice. And judging by President Obama’s lack of humility and raw display of hubris yesterday, they are gearing up for political battle.

They are doing to defend big government, big spending, and everything that big that goes with leftist thinking. But unlike the past six years, starting in 2015, they’ll need to deal with a Congress controlled by one political party that is at a complete ideological odds from them them.

The Republican brand is alive and it is well. The party of ideas won, the party of division lost. The victories extended beyond Washington, DC and include governors, state legislatures, and even certain local races in key battleground states. It was not magic. The American people are tired, not of the politics, but of the lack of results in putting American on a right path of freedom and economic prosperity.

As Rush Limbaugh succinctly reminded listeners this week, the elections were a complete rejection of the status quo. Republicans were elected to stop President Obama, not work with him. All of this makes the compromise industrial complex very nervous.

Republicans have been empowered to expose this mess, set markers in the form of legislative wins (George Will has some good ideas where to begin), and lay a foundation for a Republican Presidential campaign win for 2016. These additional action items would also be good:

  1. Across the board tax cuts for every tax bracket and every business;
  2. A total repeal of ObamaCare that forces the President to veto it (I strongly doubt the Republicans have the political fortitude to do this, so I suspect they will not even try);
  3. Tell the White House, no amnesty for illegal aliens and, if the President opts to pen an Executive Order authorizing such a reckless action, withhold all funding — indefinitely — from the agency to implement it.
  4. Pass a border security bill without amnesty for illegal aliens (here again, I doubt this will happen);
  5. Get ahead of the Left on data privacy;
  6. Approve the Keystone pipeline and deregulate the coal industry;
  7. Help re-focus the national security priorities from the Middle East to the Western Hemisphere (including cutting foreign assistance);
  8. Stop the fear-mongering. Usually, life and things are only as terrible as you perceive it to be (very doubtful); and, most important,
  9. No matter what they do, remember that government, by and large, is extremely inefficient. Always has been. Always will be. You’re not there to “make it better,” you’re there to make it smaller and get it out of our way (again, I think a lot of the Republican Conference forgets these not so minor details these days).

In other words, a piecemeal, get a long approach is simply not going to cut it. Republicans needs to stand for something (dust off the platform, a document that clearly lays out what we stand for and how Republicans, who brave such a feat, should government when elected to do so) and be able to articulate it. Use the Congressional Committee processes for genuine oversight. Compromise is not a position and that is not what the American people want.

If Republicans can hold and grow the majority for a few more cycles, it can endure for decades. And that is what is needed to rollback and undo the damage of the big government knows best world that the Left has been building since the end of the Great Depression. Then, and only then, will this town become less and less relevant in the ordinary doings of this great country.

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