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Ebola Czar Is a Symptom of a Much More Pressing Challenge, Border Security

The President retained a Washington, DC insider, and lobbyist, because his army of advisors failed to coordinate an appropriate response to a potential national public health emergency. This matter goes beyond Ebola, it includes the enterovirus outbreak that started when our borders were breached earlier this year.

As the Washington Post points out this morning, Ron Klain’s participation signals the “administration’s recognition that an Ebola outbreak in the United States could overwhelm its management capacity.” In other words, the President’s political advisors have failed him as well as the country. It’s an unpleasant reality that, at times, can plague a White House more concerned with image than substance.

What have his political appointees been doing for six years? And, more importantly, what are they going to do now to, once and for all, secure our borders?

Make no mistake about it, these public health challenges are a symptom of the federal government’s inability to focus on securing our very diverse border system. And if they fail to tackle it head on, you’ll have more problems in the future that include other diseases, international crimes, as a well as attacks at the hands of radical Islamic jihadists.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has several political appointees that could’ve stepped up and led, Congress needs to figure out why the system broke down. It certainly has nothing to do with resources. They have more than enough money. What we have is a failure in leadership that has resulted in the death of several Americans, as in the case of the enterovirus, and allowed the Ebola virus to enter the United States. More people could fall ill and die.

I doubt you’ll hear much about border security the next few weeks. Frankly, I strongly doubt you’ll hear much fact-based analysis either. DC is in political crisis communications mode. These folks can do better. And they must. Keeping America safe must be priority number one. America first. The rest of the world can come later. The Obama administration seems to have this formula down pat, in reverse.

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