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Chen Guangcheng: China ‘Many Times More Dangerous’ Than ISIS

Here’s a brief item you may have missed in the news since the mainstream media did not give it the time of day. It is a true and sober reminder that there are many global issues that require U.S. leadership.

Last week at the Heritage Foundation, a leading Chinese human rights activist and attorney, Chen Guangcheng, said something a few things make some folks in official Washington very uncomfortable including that China is ‘many times more dangerous’ than ISIS.

In other words, although Guangcheng did not say this, we need to do a better job looking beyond the media hyper focus on events in the Middle East, and understand that there are threats to U.S. interests and freedom all over the world.

As is the case in Cuba, North Korea, and a few other places in the world, billions of Chinese people are leaving under oppressive Communist rule. If you tow the party line, no problem; however, the moment you express divergent points of view, life is no cake walk. Slowly but surely people are waking up to the evils of Communist Party rule and, in due time, it will need to change. The Chinese people will see to it.

Guangcheng message is clear, the Chinese people are tiring of Communist Party abuses. They are tired of the corruption at all levels of government. They are tired of the forced abortions and organ harvesting. They are tired of the human rights abuses and the lack of fundamental freedoms.

And, Guangcheng reminds folks, that the Communist Party does not represent the people of China. Far from it. They’ve just managed to master a way to stay in power by fooling billions of poor people to support them. And that the free world needs to stand with the Chinese people in this struggle. The United States can start by cutting foreign assistance money (your tax dollars) that makes its way to China for government programs that violate human rights.

Take a few minutes to listen to Guangcheng’s remarks (scroll the timestamp to 21:00). You’ll be glad you did.

If you have never heard of Guangcheng, you should learn more about him. Blind since birth, this self-taught lawyer spent several years in a Communist Party prison as well as under house arrest. His crime? Advocating for human rights and the rule of law.

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