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Travel to Cuba? Must Watch Video Before You Go

American citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba, with restrictions. The trips are known as a people-to-people travel. They are structured trips, allowed as an exception to U.S. economic sanctions. Ironically, it is exactly the form of travel that the regime wants. Controlled.

But before you book your journey, you must watch the attached video. Cuba is a dangerous place to visit, a police state.  This is the Cuba that the Cuban Communist Party, and their supporters in Washington, DC, do not want you to see before you go.

The people in this video are not actors. They were, or continue to be, on the front lines in defense of freedom, rule of law, and respect for human rights. These folks will never be part of any people-to-people trip offered by travel agents.

Save your money, or if you really want to travel to the Caribbean you have many other options besides Cuba. Visit Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Or you can also choose from 27 free and democratic nations or territories.

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