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Ebola, Another Symptom of Border Security Problems, Feds Failing

This is a good example why the American people do not trust the Obama Administration when they say things on just about any topic.

At the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) presser yesterday evening on the Ebola matter, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden [bracketed comments were added by us]:

On the 26th of September [Friday] [the patient] initially sought care [and was released] and Sunday the 28th of September was admitted to a hospital in Texas and placed on isolation.

A few minutes later Dr. Edward Goodman, an epidemiologist with the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas said this:

Texas health Dallas is a large community hospital with a robust infection control system that works in close cooperation with the Dallas county health department, centers for disease control and epidemiologists within the system and community.

We have had a plan in place for some time now in the event of a patient presenting with possible Ebola.  Ironically enough in the week before this patient presented we had a meeting of all the stake holders that might be involved in the care of such a patient.  Because of that we were well prepared to deal with this crisis.

But this morning, USA Today and other news sources report that:

some doctors are concerned that an infected patient was sent home from a Dallas hospital without treatment the first time he sought care [because no one at the hospital asked the patient a simple question: Have you been outside of the USA recently? If so, where?]

According to other reputable news sources today, the patient told hospital personnel the first time he stopped at the hospital that he was visiting from Liberia.

The CDC should’ve been clear on this issue during the press conference; and because they were not, they come across as evasive. Bring in the spin doctors. You’re going to need them.

The federal government will try to punt this mistake – yes, mistake, error, flaw, etc. – onto the hospital, and maybe that is the case; however, this is also a border security problem. And, yet again, the federal government failed the American people.

All flights to and from affected region of the world should have been cancelled a long time ago, along with other measures, to contain the disease from spreading to other parts of the world, including across the Atlantic.

Expect this issue to become a political headache for the Obama Administration in the very near future.

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