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Gaza, Hamas, North Korea and Beyond

The Times of Israel ran an op-ed today by DC Dispatches author Dr. Yleem Poblete. The former Staff Director of the House Foreign Affairs Committee discusses how the Gaza conflict impacts beyond the greater Middle East region and why the United States must lead:

Evidence linking North Korea with terrorist groups and their patrons, requires the DPRK’s re-designation by the U.S. State Department as a state-sponsor of terrorism and an initial step in targeting the convergence of terrorism and proliferation involving Pyongyang, Tehran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

The upcoming 69th session of the UN General Assembly affords another critical opportunity to implement a comprehensive approach to these joint threats by strengthening sanctions resolutions relating to Iran and North Korean proliferation to include their support for global terrorist activities.

The United States, as president of the UN Security Council in September, should use the 2001 terrorism-related UN resolutions to secure recognition of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other non al-Qaeda affiliated Islamist militants as threats to global peace and security. By extension, states, groups, or individuals aiding and abetting these terrorists would be subject to punitive measures.

The Gaza conflict may appear to be an isolated confrontation between Israel and Hamas but it is part of a larger terrorist complot. The global response must therefore reflect an understanding of the interdependence between Islamist militants, their supporters and their state-sponsors and how policies against one bad actor can affect the actions of others.

Read Yleem’s For Sustained Peace: Hamas’ Global Support Network Must be Targeted. Dennis P. Halpin, retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer and former adviser on Asian issues to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, contributed to this piece.

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