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Morning Musings

  • Congress is out-of-town this week; so is the President.
  • Before the President departed for his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, he blamed ‘intelligence estimates’ for the genocide in Iraq. Predictable thing for the President to do. Blame someone else. However, over in the Senate, members of the President’s political party say boots on the ground needed. Fast. Even the former Secretary of State is piling on.
  • A Sunni-Shia war is underway and it is likely to escalate. This will be the Obama Administration’s Middle East legacy.
  • Some clarity from a former UK Chief of the General Staff on the situation in Iraq: ” … [the] situation is so vile and so terrible that it should cause us to tear up our existing policy and think afresh.”
  • Meanwhile, in more civilized places of the world it was ‘death to the Jews‘ at the Hague in a protest approved by the Dutch government and, in Sweden, friends advising Jewish friends, stay away.
  • In South Florida, a funeral was held in Miami for an Orthodox Rabbi who was shot to death by two men on the Jewish Sabbath. The police are saying that there is not evidence of a hate crime, however, the family disagrees, as does a lot of the community. The temple the victim was going to visit that morning has been the target of numerous acts of anti-Semitic vandalism.
  • A coup underway in Iraq? The President may want to re-think his vacation plans or he may become the President who loses Iraq to radical Islamists. He would also be giving Iran a strategic advantage in the region it would have otherwise not been able to secure.
  • Meanwhile closer to home, indeed right here in the Washington DC area, the Rutherford Institution is challenging a decision by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) to ban busking near train stations. WMATA Transit Police should really spend more time catching criminals than harassing a young guitarist. 
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