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Tron, Maybe Coming to a City Near You

Driving on glass embedded with solar cells? Heated roadways and sidewalks? Highway roads or sidewalks that “talk” to one another? It even melts snow and ice. It was this last item that caught my attention.

Scott Brusaw, a Marine and electrical engineer, along with his wife Julie, a therapist and environmentalist, co-invented and co-developed the concept decades ago. Based in Sandpoint, Idaho, the family manages a company called Solar Roadways that is working to bring to market the first, solar roadways.

You read right. They’ve made a product that can be used on just about any surface you walk or drive. It collects solar energy and convert it to usable power.

You will either really like this idea or think it is nuts. I’m in the former camp.If you believe that man-made global warming exists, you’ll probably love it. Yet regardless of your political views on the environment, the Brusaw’s idea is an outside the box, (invented) and Made in the USA product that deserves a second, third, and more looks by the market place.

I’ve practiced federal regulatory law and worked in Congress; let’s hope the federal government does not begin to muck this up with all sort of red tape. The good news on this front is that the folks at Solar Roadways managed to secure the attention and early support of Sen. Mark Crapo (R-Iowa). They’ll need that support, and a whole lot more, as this project proceeds and succeeds (as I think it will). I’d also keep the secret sauce, secret, especially from certain foreign countries that seem to have a knack for stealing and duplicating, U.S. technology.

The following General Electric video featuring Scott and Julie details what the product does as well as its many applications:

Solar Roadways | Michéle Ohayon from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

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