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Morning Musings

  • Congress is out for about five weeks. It will do wonders for the country. Good things. Several thousand of our closet “friends” may be on vacation, but it remains a somewhat busy week in DC.
  • Another European bank is navigating a potential economic sanctions bramble with the U.S. Treasury Department.  According to Reuters, France’s Credit Agricole has approached U.S. authorities to discuss potential violations of U.S. economic sanctions. 
  • According to The Hill newspaper, the global Ebola outbreak is threatening to overshadow this week’s Africa summit in Washington, DC. Meanwhile the CDC advises airlines they can deny boarding to passengers exhibiting Ebola symptoms.
  • A Finnish reporter claimed on camera that Hamas launched rockets into Israel from behind Gaza’s main hospital. Shortly afterwards, the Palestinian Authority arrested her cousin in the West Bank.
  • A Congressional censure may be a good compromise.
  • The upcoming release of the CIA‘s enhanced interrogation hit piece is nothing more than political voyeurism in an ongoing turf battle between the Congress, the intelligence community, as well as a few side struggles between the intelligence agencies. There will be no winners in this skirmish, unless you count radical jihadists and other enemies of the United States as ‘winners’. For they will celebrate, along with enablers in this town, as soon as the heavily redacted document hits the ether and Al-Jazeera, Russia TV, MSNBC, the New York Times and many others, tear the U.S. to shreds, again.
  • Sometimes I seriously wonder if certain Members of Congress even want the United States to have intelligence agencies? At the rate the public discourse is going on these matters, especially since 09.11, over-regulation and over-politicization of the IC will effectively neuter capabilities.  And, as such, you might as well shut the door on most of these agencies because the American taxpayer would be wasting money keeping them open. Let’s hope it never comes to that, however, there are people in this town who would have it no other way and, unless folks who know better speak up, these prophets of doom will get their way.
  • In this town you can say a lot by saying a little or not much at all. On this enhanced interrogation matter, including the back and forth between the Senate and CIA, the ODNI‘s relative silence is deafening.
  • Just like our standing in the world, the Legal Insurrection blog reports how the U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement is collapsing.
  • Breaking: A Harvard professor claims that there are no political prisoners in Cuba.  It is Harvard …
  • Bearing Drift reports on the POLITICO’s weird political hit on Virginia Senate gubernatorial campaign Ed Gillespie. This is just the start of a series of odd stories that will surface to discredit the Gillespie campaign by making Ed out to be something that he is not, corrupt. You see this time, they just can’t throw out the lobbyist label and think it will stick. You’d think POLITICO would know better than to try this first week of Congressional recess trick? If Ed were a former Bill and Hillary Clinton machine lobbyist, like our current governor Terry McAuliffe, that story would have never been written.

SIDEBAR: One of the better presentations I’ve seen in some time that explains, in plain English, what is at stake in the Middle East:

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