Morning Musings

  • There is a lot in the news these days that will drive most folks to distraction, simply tune out. But if you are paying attention, of all the pressing issues, the most important for the future of our country is southwest border security crisis. If the rumblings in this town are true, the President is about to re-visit an ugly chapter in American political history by granting amnesty via Executive Order to millions of illegal aliens. With the stroke of pen, he will create a separation of powers issue unlike any in recent memory. The House of Representatives will need a lot more than a lawsuit to deal with it. Let’s hope it remains a rumbling and cooler political minds prevail.
  • I wonder what NSA leaker – and traitor – Edward Snowden has to say about Russia’s war on Tor? According to the Global Voice Advocacy Network (also big Snowden fans), the Russian government is offering $100,000 to anyone who can decrypt the anonymous browsing tool and network.
  • Didn’t you know, “you don’t have a right know” what is happening in your government. So says the Democratic Delegate from the District of Columbia.
  • When the federal government sets it mind to doing something, they usually find a way, even if it means using force to reunite Elian Gonzalez with his father in the Communist State of Cuba.
  • On the good news front, Ed Gillespie’s appears to be gaining ground in his campaign to unseat Virginia Senator Mark Warner.
  • Last Monday I was asked on CNBC’s Squawk Box what would Putin do if the United States and Europe implemented more economic sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine matter (video). My first point was that the situation was way beyond sanctions, a lot more was needed. And judging from commentary at the time from U.S. and European officials to the downing of flight MH #17, I added, Putin was ready for just about anything the U.S. or Europe will put on the table that week. Well, a week later and Europe has a agreed to agree to impose more sanctions. They may get around to it, a common and united position vis-a-vis Russian adventurism, by the end of the summer. New sanctions are expected as soon as today by both the EU and the US. Meanwhile, Russia will continue to toy and tinker with the map of Europe.
  • Virginia’s Rep. Frank Wolff has done an outstanding job detailing a very difficult subject, and one not many people in this town will want to discuss or address, the genocide of Christians in Iraq by radical Islamists. The President should sign legislation passed by both the House and Senate that will create a Special Envoy for Religious Minorities to begin dealing with this issue in a more serious manner in Iraq.
  • “We are potentially looking at the beginning of another Holocaust now. These events will only grow in scale across Europe” against Jewish people, said the Israeli Jewish Congress president Vladimir Sloutsker.

  • The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of victims and family members of individuals injured or killed by Hezbollah rockets, referring the case to a Special Master for calculation of damages against North Korea and Iran. The court found that North Korean and Iran were liable for damages because they provided material support and assistance to Hezbollah who fired the rockets at Israel that caused plaintiffs’ injuries. Kaplan v. Cent. Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Jul. 23, 2014).
  • Also on the economic sanctions front, Reuters reports that the “IAEA says needs more money to monitor Iran nuclear deal extension.” Of course they do … 
  • The entire interrogation memo, you know the one, should remain classified and, it appeared, advocates of keeping it that way may have been gaining some ground. However, certain folks cannot let sleeping dogs lie. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) wants to use a rarely invoked procedural tactic in the Senate to satisfy the Left‘s desire to publicize, and humiliate, the Bush Administration as well as the Intelligence Community. Is Wyden serious or posturing to secure a partial release of the report? Either way, this entire exercise in political voyeurism will only help radical Islamists and other enemies of freedom who still seek to do us harm.
  • In a sure sign that big political changes are in the offing after the mid-term Congressional elections, Congressional staffers are flocking in record numbers to K Street looking for jobs.


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