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  • When I was a young one, pre-teen, and growing up in the big city of Miami, if I came home before sunset during the summer time my family would look at me funny. ‘Go back out, you’re too clean,’ they’d say. These days my parents would likely end up in jail for doing that. Don’t believe me? Well, North Carolina mom was jailed for leaving her child in a park. Then there is the case of a father who was arrested for, get this, allowing his son to skip Sunday school to stay home with family and play with friends. There are many more examples like these from throughout the United States … And folks in this town – Democrat and Republican politicos and talking heads – wonder why the American people are weary of anything remotely connected to local, state, and federal governments.
  • Iran continues its quest for a nuclear bomb and the West just wants to talk. Meanwhile Iran-backed Hamas tries to re-supply missiles for use against Israel.
  • German government agencies are allegedly using typewriters to communicate, non-electric to boot, to avoid NSA detection. What can one say about this? With this level of distrust and paranoia, the Cold War would’ve been much longer. Maybe it is a political stunt, albeit one done in rather poor taste. They better lock up the platens every evening and burn the ribbons …
  • Putin I: Putin started an Americas tour late last week. No one in this town really paying attention to what he is doing, but they should be. Putin’s writing off Cuba’s sovereign debt to Russia and, in exchange, is being given more access to Cuba’s struggling but still effecting intelligence apparatus. He’s made a pit stop in Central America to meet with Cold War pal, Sandinista Daniel Ortega. According to one Nicaragua newspaper, the visit was “technical,” no substance. However, earlier this year a Russian Foreign Ministry official said that Russia would like to explore setting up a new military facility in Nicaragua. Why not? The Iranians already have a presence…
  • West Virginians, hold on to your wallets. The Left is gunning for your tax dollars, as well as well your coal mines.
  • Putin II: while he was in Argentina, he inked a nuclear reactor deal with fellow traveler Argentine President Cristina Kirchner.  Putin thinks he can outflank NATO and the U.S. with these somewhat bizarre moves. Who knows, maybe he can. The Obama Administration has been missing in action throughout the Western Hemisphere for just about the entire time that he has been in office. Just look at the brewing border crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. It is a major foreign policy and national security failure. And it is just getting started.
  • While on the subject of Communist Socialist governments meddling in the Americas, Chinese President Xi Jinping starts his South America tour this week with scheduled visits to Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and of course, Cuba. While in Brazil he will likely meet with several Latin American leaders, looking for cash, during a BRIC global summit.
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