Morning Musings

  • I’m certain the FDA will rush approval of this medical device: implantable birth control chip could deliver a anti-contraceptive dose for at least 16 years. According to the device maker, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the chip also comes complete with an “on and off” switch. Maybe they should also add a bonus “tracking and data chip,” for use with your handy portable electronic device so that users can share their whereabouts with family, friends (and the world) on social media.
  • President Obama told wealthy Democratic donors in Texas yesterday that he has instructed his staff to “get me out of Washington.” That seems to have been his mantra throughout his administration. Since Speaker Boehner, for now, has taken impeachment (for the President) off the table, the country will have to wait out a few more years to bid goodbye to the President. However, there are plenty of other administration officials who may not fare so lucky and could be facing legal battles. Soon. Maybe even arrests

  • The international Left continues its anti-USA crusade alleging that the U.S. intelligence community is conducting widespread spying on American Muslims. Time magazine has some advice for the NSA … from the Prophet Muhammad. What? Did you really think Time would cite to JC?
  •  I guess Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) spy agency never ever, ever, ever, spies on President Obama or any White House officials or U.S. corporation. Ever. And, yes, some of us blame President Obama for this latest row with the Germans, as well as overall policy and planning execution by the administration with respect to European matters. Merkel’s expulsion of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials has a lot more to do with fueling domestic political factions than anything else. Why did the United States make it so easy for her to do so? It was a lot more challenging during the Cold War, yet much more elegant than what we’re seeing today. Time for some Congressional oversight, of the type that does not make it on C-Span.

  • The Leftist, pro-Cuba, pro-Venezuela government of Rafael Correa in Ecuador is spending millions of dollars in Washington, DC to burnish its image, or so say recent disclosure reports. The real reason Ecuador is spending all this money? They’re engaged in a protracted legal and public relations battle against Chevron. A battle that is of Ecuador’s own making, complete with a corrupted legal system and political process. And, on Capitol Hill, Correa’s lobbyists have even managed to make in-roads with certain Republican offices that used to shut them out.  There is a lot more to this story than Andean politics. GOP offices should dig deeper, and think twice, before listen to Correa-orchestrated anti-Chevron spin.
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