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Calling St. James, Al-Andalus Rising …

It’s been amusing to see the media, as well as expert reaction, to a map purportedly created and disseminated by the group formerly known as ISIL:


ISIL ISIS Islamic State has Spain in its crosshairs. See Al-Andalus rising, again? This is not new or news.  If this propaganda stunt is in fact something put out by the Islamic State, they are not the first, and will be the last to lay claim to Spain.

ABC News headline writers had a field day: “See Terrifying ISIS Map Showing Its 5-Year Expansion Plan.”   Not to be outdone, Russia Television honed in on the Spain angle:

A group of jihadists claiming to be part of ISIS have vowed to invade Spain along with all other “occupied lands” in a video posted on the web. The men say Spain is the land of their forefathers and that they are prepared to die for their nascent Islamic State.

These fellows break into Spanish too (listen to the video):

I say to the entire world as a warning: We are living under the Islamic banner, the Islamic Caliphate. We are going to die for it until we liberate all the occupied lands, from Jakarta to Andalusia … 

Never thought that a :59 second video could generate so much media attention. Do these folks, and the media, think we’re this out of it:

I’ll light a candle or two to St. James, for extra intercession; however, I strongly doubt Spain needs the help. Pay a visit to Santiago de Compostela, especially on the last Sunday in July. There is a special ceremony, attended by the King, at the Cathedral that should put to rest any concerns.

Last time we were there, a year or so after Spain’s 09/11 or 11 de marz0 2004, devotion to St. James, and what he accomplished to free Spain from Moorish hegemony, was at an all time high among religious, business, and political leaders.

As for these maps and videos, I’m still scratching my head as to why the media would give it so much free air time? Come on amigos and amigas, Congress is back in session this week. There’s plenty going on including many oversight investigations such as IRSgate, Benhgazigate, VAgate, NSAgate, and so much more. Bordergate is quite timely.

Don’t worry so much about Spain. Unlike the most of the rest of Europe, the Spanish government has no interest in seeing an al-Andalus rising. They’ll see to it that it never happens again.

As for ISIS, they have become a real problem for the greater Middle East, Iraq and Syria in particular, for it is the first time in centuries that what appears to be a rag-tag group of ideological and religious fanatics may, if we, yes we allow them to do so, will lay claim to territory.

That’s the news, the brewing ISISgate. Who know what and when, and why was it allowed to reach this point.

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