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Morning Musings

  • Dr. Yleem Poblete penned an item for the National Interest, “Looking Beyond the Iraq/ISIS Crisis: The Iran Challenge.” Well worth a read. Of course.
  • Teddy Roosevelt would be proud. In a surprise, but welcome political development, the Export Import Bank reauthorization bill has lost support from key Members of Congress including the new Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Let’s see if this sentiment spreads, especially in the Senate. It would be a good political trophy for the mid-term elections and beyond. Crony capitalism has no place in the GOP and the government has no business serving as a bank for corporations. Done right, abolishing the Ex-Im bank can also serve as a much-needed bridge to the Tea Party. Now, what about taking a slice from agriculture subsidies as well?
  • House Speaker John Boenher (R-Ohio) is expected to file a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s ‘phone and pen’ strategy. If they can get this project off the ground, it would be a very good thing.
  • Once thing I have always enjoyed about Vice President Dick Cheney is that he says what people think in this town, but do not have the guts to say in public. His latest prediction: ‘Next [terrorist] attack ‘likely’ deadlier than 9/11‘. Cheney usually makes more sense in a few words than most commentators or politicos do in entire speeches. Need an example? Look no further than a majority of the analysis these days about what is taking place in Iraq and throughout the greater Middle East.
  • The Left first gunned for the NSA, now they’re coming to Snowden the FBI.
  • The DiploPundit details a list of soon to be newly-minted U.S. Ambassadors that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee OK’d yesterday. You would think that the Diplo Denzien, James Bruno, would be pleased. Only two political appointees made the cut this go around, the other seven are career foreign service officers. However, I suspect Bruno will soon have something to say about at least one of the two political appointees, Noah Bryson Mamet. Mamet will likely become Ambassador to Argentina. Mamet raised $500,000 for President Obama, but has never even traveled to Argentina even though, as he said during the confirmation hearings, that he had ‘traveled pretty extensively around the world.’
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