Morning Musings

  • The White House is reportedly redacting a 6,800 page CIA report detailing how the United States went about extracting vital information from bad people who wanted kill Americans. The document should never see the light day, much less released on or about Independence Day as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) suggested in a recent POLITICO interview. She may not be much for patriotic holidays, but why ruin it for red-blooded, flag waving Americans? There are certain things that our government does that should remain unknown; and I think a majority of the American people like it that way. Unfortunately, in an increasingly politically voyeuristic world fueled mostly by the Left, anything that can do the U.S. harm is fair game.
  • The 1994 Budapest Memorandum. What’s that? You will not read about this in the mainstream news. Russian officials, as well as lobbyists and former U.S. government officials, are trying to distort some history. And they are working the halls of Congressional power and then some. They had a captive audience. This would never be allowed in the Russian Duma. Read on.
  • One of Edward Snowden’s accomplices and facilitators, Glen Greenwald, declared on the MSNBC that more embarrassing information is due out soon about the National Security Agency (NSA). Greenwald hopes to show us rubes how the NSA is invading our privacy. Greenwald, Snowden, and this merry band of America haters have been allowed to engage in unfettered treasonous behavior for far too long. Americans will die because of it. They may already have. Officials in Congress and the White House seem at a loss as to what to do about it. That’s too bad.
  • Forty-one Republicans in the House want to save a favorite tool of the crony capitalists, the Export Import Bank. Most of the Republicans would probably vote yea on amnesty for illegal aliens. One thing is clear, the Tea Party has a lot of work to do.
  • Former Senator Judd Gregg penned an interesting op-ed about U.S.-China relations. For the most part, it is a defense of the Nixon went to China model. Time will tell if this approach still makes any sense in the 21st century. In the near term, especially right here in the Western Hemisphere, China has become the new Conquistadors, without the benefits that Spain brought to the New World. China is raping and pillaging the environment to extract natural resources it desperately needs; it is cozying up to tin horn dictators who spy on the United State for them; it seeks to control strategic deep-sea ports for commercial and military reasons; and much more. Most of the time I think this town opts to ignore it all. It’s complicated. And when things get complicated people tend to focus on other things. Gregg is right, China is a nation whose future is intertwined with our own and a new national policy is needed. But before that, policymakers need to take a cold look at what China aims to do today, most of it bad news for us, and respond accordingly. 
  • WSJ: Officials at Ex-Im Bank Face Investigations, allegations of gifts and kickbacks (see third bullet from the top).
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