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Guest Dispatch: The Continuing Insult

John Flores in Oregon sent us the following Guest Dispatch on immigration reform and the Republican National Committee’s ongoing new voter outreach efforts. If you’re not doing so already, be sure to follow him on Twitter.

By John Flores

(Oregon) Much to no one’s surprise, the GOP has announced its new strategy for ensuring future Republican gains in the legislature. The mid-term elections are right around the corner, just a few months away. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says that the RNC would from now on become a year-round operation with regard to voter outreach, including a “special” Latino voter  effort.

Conceding that the DNC never sleeps in its onslaught against Republicans, continuing to drive the Republican message and philosophy even in non-election years is now seen as a “must” for the RNC. Well, let me just say, “I told you so!” Let me just refer you to my 12/21/2012 post on these very pages. Among other suggestions, I recommended that the RNC’s gloves needed to come off:

The Democrat party is not abandoning their attack on Republicans as “the party of the rich, white oppressors” any time soon.  It is up to the Republican party to work around the clock with community meetings and education seminars in which the truth will be presented in a straightforward and, possibly, uncomfortable manner.  Questions must be addressed to enlighten Hispanics/Latinos as to who exactly they align themselves with if they register as Democrats …

… the RNC need to step back, listen and learn that life outside of Washington is not what they think.  They would then learn that helping elect a candidate of Cuban descent in a state with a mostly Mexican-American population is no great feat.  They can also learn that party offices need to be open more than once every election cycle so that the important work of turning our country around can be done.  And, of course, they can come ask me.  I doubt they will.

You can read the entire December 2012 post right here. Of course, the RNC being what it is, there is a hitch to their version of this new voter outreach plan that is more insult than it is “welcome” for Latino voters.

From my perch on the West Coast, and no matter what the pundits say about it, Eric Cantor, the recently deposed House Majority Leader from Virginia, lost largely in part due to his support of The Dream Act. As party leader, Cantor’s softening of the GOP immigration policy stance has contaminated many parts of the party, including the RNC. This philosophy is now largely touted by “moderate” Republicans and several ill-informed television pundits who claim to speak for conservatives.

Personally, I am insulted every time I hear a talking head or legislator argue that to secure the “Latino vote,” the Republican Party needs to soften its stance on immigration.

Is it the thinking of the RNC that every registered Latino voter is waiting for immigration reform so that their cousin Hidalgo or Tia Josefina can come rushing across the border? If that is the case, I would ask Priebus if he also feels that every Swede in this country is waiting for immigration reform so that Uncle Olaf can rush across the Atlantic to come to the United States.

Immigration reform and The Dream Act are not essentials to registering and holding on to the Latino vote. Respecting Latino voters as Americans first is what is going to work for us! The sooner the RNC steers its own ship on the conservative values the party was founded upon, and quits succumbing to liberal influence on the immigration issue, the sooner it will make political gains with every voter regardless of race, color or creed.

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