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  • We’re fast approaching the Iraq silly season in this town. It happens just about every summer, except this year it is a lot hotter than usual in the region so the chattering class is busier than usual. The person they should be listening to, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, has said all about Iraq that really needs to be said: Iran is the problem. Every item he recommends will likely be ignored because it requires leadership, vision, and a whole lot more political fortitude than is available these days from most of the foreign policy and national security establishment. They’ll need to use a lot of gray matter. This “new” group is not your grandma’s Al-Qaeda. They seem to operate like a nation-state – or caliphate – in the making …
  • As for Congressional oversight on Iraq, tumbleweed. A quick glance of the House and Senate Committee rosters this week and you’ll understand what I mean; other than a closed briefing or two, the Congress is too busy to be bothered with Iraq these days. What is happening in Iraq developed over a long period; none of it should come as surprise to folks in this town. A seemingly disinterested President seeks political cover, while the Congress focuses on the mid-term Congressional elections. Do the political calculus. The Left will resurrect a modified version of the Blame Bush mantra, while the Right will blame Obama and urge action (but see the earlier bullet).
  • IRS officials claim e-mail requested by Congressional investigators has been lost due to a computer problem. The House Republicans must move beyond oversight via press release and exchange of letters.
  • Yet one more reason why McCarthy will be the next Majority Leader, he focuses on those that can elect him, the members of the Conference. Talk radio? Just not a factor in these races.
  • The Skeptical Bureaucrat’s take on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest speech on her book promotion tour: “that was nice of Hillary to waive her usual fee for the Methodist ladies. Good thing there is always a multinational investment banking firm willing to pick up the slack.” Read the entire post, here.
  • Over at the DiploPundit blog, this gem in the Burn Bag caught our attention. This is your tax dollars at work, sort of: “|6/11/14| “When I finally saw the Regional Medical Officer/Psychiatrist (RMO/P) for help, I was told I just needed a man to make me happy.” Classy. Whoever wrote that, if you’re reading this and are interested in making a difference, give us a ring. We’ll be more than pleased to pass this along, discretely, to various Congressional investigators that we know who would be more than willing to take a closer look.
  • Jane Doe asks: “Is it me or is almost everything coming from the International Broadcasting Bureau – Broadcasting Board of Governors IBB/BBG management team reinforcing the desperate need for reform?” That organization has been in need of reform for decades. Read her post at the BBG Watch blog. This was the first time I read this blog. There is a great deal of fodder for Congressional hearings and investigations. There also seems to be a few potential whistleblowers at the ready to expose waste, fraud, and abuse.
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