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Morning Musings

  • Virginia Earthquake I: If you are a Member of Congress and the morning of any election you’re schmoozing with fat cat D.C. lobbyists, rather than working your Congressional District – as Eric Cantor did yesterday – then you’re completely out of touch with your voters and, yes, a large chunk of the nation. As for the Congressman-elect David Brat, relish the well-deserved win but reach out to the Cantor operation and, to the best of your ability, put the politics behind you. Even though Cantor’s operation ran a less than honorable campaign, downright false at times, the Virginia GOP must rally for later this November when Gillespie takes on Senator Mark Warner. Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins already set the tone: Congratulations to Congressman Rob Wittman and Dave Brat on their wins in the Republican primaries tonight. I look forward to working with both of them this year as we work to grow our Republican majority in the House of Representatives! Read his entire statement here.
  • Amnesty, as well as comprehensive immigration reform, is dead. And that would be good. Very good. Maybe Congressional and White House official will wise up and focus on incremental reform, starting with securing the border (North, South, West, and East).
  • Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet, one of the princes of the global warning movement, and the man who invented the electric car, has a new avocation, defending traitors. Does Edward Snowden really need that many people on his already bloated defense team? I just see a lot of people, not all but most, cashing in. They are following Rahm Emmanuel’s advice, never let a good scandal go to waste. That is the frustrating part of this quite serious NSA issue. It went from policy matter to retail politics in rather short order. Yet, in the end, it all seems to work.
  • Virginia Earthquake II: Eric Cantor, and his political advisors, have been ignoring the grassroots for some time. The Majority Leader’s job went to his head, as well as that of staff.  You can pull out all the money, fancy technology and television ads you want, if you ignore your district, sooner or later, you’ll pay the price. And, guess what, all of the polls were wrong. Again. Political voodoo will only take you so far for so long. The voters are waking up; they want more Main Street, less Wall Street.  If you think this is an isolate event folks, you’re wrong. This is far from over. This process will continue in the 2015 and 2017 GOP primaries. Remember, money can’t buy you love:

  • Virginia Earthquake III: I’ll say this again because it is that important: ignore the grassroots and you’ll lose. For all the fancy talking heads and high-priced political chatter you’ll hear today and the rest of this week, Cantor’s loss is directly tied to how he treated the voters of his Congressional District.
  • Gen. Michael Hayden pens a good read: Baghdad, Benghazi, Bergdahl and the bomb.
  • Virginia Earthquake IV: The GOP’s Young Guns brand has been damaged, although they can repair the problems with some aggressive leadership changes this week. Yes, this is not over. For the sake of national party unity, Cantor should seriously consider stepping down as Majority Leader this week. As of last night, I was hearing from folks on the Hill that he may have no other choice.
  • Virginia Earthquake V: As for the Democrats, they are completely misreading this win.
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