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  • Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. That is the story in this town usually, especially after something political volatile was missed. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he’d a raised ‘Holy Hell‘ if he had known beforehand about the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap. I think he, and many other Members of Congress, will have a second chance. Soon.
  • It was bound to happen. While most Democrats were initially in shock over the Bergdahl swap, House and Senate Democrats are starting to fall in (the party) line. They want more prisoner swaps. Maybe that has been the plan all along: empty GiTMO then hand the keys to the base to the Cuban regime.
  • Meanwhile, the Taliban seem inspired. As do the North Koreans, they’ve arrested yet another American tourist.
  • Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of one of the most damaging national security leaks in our Nation’s history, the long-term impact of which remains unknown. POLITICO published an article titled, “A Year After Edward Snowden: 5 Questions.” Some people in this town only have one. Will Snowden ever be held to account for his actions? During the Revolutionary era, the Civil War, or even the Cold War, Snowden’s punishment would’ve been much harsher than imprisonment. These days, we’ll be lucky if he ever sees the inside of a cell, and at the rate DC politicos operate, much less see his return to the United States.
  • While on the subject of “leakers” and “lawbreakers,” no word yet from Justice Department officials about the investigation into the removal by Senate staff of classified materials from a secure CIA facility in Virginia.
  • UK Telegraph: Vodafone admits governments use ‘secret cables’ to tap citizens’ phones …
  • The Obama Administration has already started to change immigration laws via executive order, calling into serious question whether a deal with House Republicans can be reached. Ongoing and highly secretive immigration talks led by a small group of Republicans (about 20), will most likely result in a rebellion in the House Republican Conference. To make sure that the talks continue, the Left has dispatched what in Cuba are called Rapid Response Brigades to protest the 20 or so Republicans who think negotiating with the Obama Administration is a good idea. The Republican Party is in dangerous immigration reform trap. The should have waited until after the 2014 mid-term elections, but now they’ll need to extricate themselves from this Political Trojan. It will not be an easy task.
  • U.S. imposes a $21 million fine on a Dutch aerospace company for violating U.S. sanctions and export controls involving the countries of Iran, Sudan, and Burma. Fokker Services was shipping U.S.-made aircraft spare parts in a clear violation of the law. The fines could have been much higher, however, Fokker voluntarily disclosed the violations to the government. According to a U.S. government press release, Fokker was charged with “253 separate violations of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), including for the export or reexport of items controlled for national security, missile technology and anti-terrorism purposes. The charges include transactions involving Iranian military end users and violations of the terms of a temporary denial order in force at the time against Iran Air.”
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