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Morning Musings

  • How do you feel about federal workers taking a workday nap? If you work for the State Department, you’re in luck. Over at the Diplopundit, Domani Spero details how U.S. personnel at the U.S. Embassy in London will soon be able to sneak a kip, in dedicated “nap rooms” no less. This is going to make headlines some day, guaranteed, for reasons other than improved quality of life. And, starting now, Scott Adams has plenty of new fodder for his Dilbert comic strip. On that note, the Evil Director of Human Resources has some advice for Ambassador Matthew Barzun.
  • If Apple’s just announced HealthKit App, does all that they say it will, it will do more to advance public health in the United States than ObamaCare or just about any other idea cooked in recent years up by politicians.
  • The FAA may allow a movie maker to fly drones. The U.S. government is way behind the regulatory curve ball. As with encryption and related technologies, the commercial market is developing at a very fast pace. Commercial applications that could be used to improve the quality of life for millions can’t make it to market because of legal and regulatory voodoo. Other countries are pressing ahead on with this technology. We should be doing the same.
  • Bergdahl I: Yesterday morning at around 4:45 a.m., and just one espresso cup into it, I posted an item speculating that there seemed to be a lot more to the story about U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s incarceration and rescue. True to form in this town, the Obama Administration may have another national security-related scandal to contend with. Since the President, quite oddly given the facts known now, announced in a Rose Garden ceremony that Bergdahl was swapped for five terrorists held at GiTMO, Bergdahl has been called a “deserter,” a “traitor,” and the President a “lawbreaker.” It seems Bergdahl may have forgotten how to speak English. Odd. POW Senator McCain never forgot. And, worse yet, six (1:45PM EST Update – the number is 14) soldiers died trying to rescue this fellow and, according to family members of the fallen, they’ve been trying to get answers surrounding the death of their loved ones and, of course, tumbleweed. The President and his national security really bungled this roll out. It would have been best had they just kept quiet. While the nation is pleased that a solider is home, I doubt the military or the GOP will let certain things slide. Tip: If you sense a pattern of negotiating with bad actors for Pyrrhic political gains, you’re on the right path.
  • Just because other governments do it, does not make it right for the United States to swap terrorists for POWs. Former Secretary of State Clinton, disagrees.
  • Bergdahl II: Should the National Security Advisor be used on the public relations circuit?
  • The VA healthcare scandal, Bergdahl notwithstanding, is here to stay.
  • Bergdahl III et al: Prior to this weekend, Republicans were juggling various hot button issues involving the IRS, VA, and, of course, Benghazi.  It will be interesting to study this week how the Republican leadership plans to deal with the avalanche of accumulating political scandals. Various senior sources on Capitol Hill have told me that the proper Committees of jurisdiction were not briefed on the prisoner swap. However, the national security committees were briefed several years about Bergdahl and that there is a bit of information that has yet to be properly discussed. For example, there were many concerns and objections expressed by Members and Staff regarding proposals to deal Bergdahl. What were these concerns and what did these Members object to? There is an unsubstantiated report floating about that there may have been as many as five GiTMO detainees released as a goodwill gesture to start discussions with the Taliban, bringing the total number of terrorist released to ten. Is that the case? Who knew about it? Quite a busy week ahead; these recent acts are well within the realm of an impeachable offense and the House of Representatives may have no other choice but to act to contain this President and his Cabinet. The President did not act alone. Far from it.
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