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  • If Edward Snowden, as he claims, filed complaints with the NSA before going rogue, tell us mere mortals the who, what, when and where … as well as why did he refuse to approach one of 535 voting Members of Congress? Breaking U.S. law and hopping on a plane to a foreign land is an act of cowardice, not civil disobedience. Gandhi stayed in India. Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, the United States. If you believe in the American system, as Sec. Kerry says, ‘man up,’ come home, face the consequences of your actions. Rather he opts to hide Russia and, of course, an army of pro-bono lawyers. Our concept of privacy in society and the law have evolved in historic ways since the advent, and mass use of, the Internet. Trying to make a boogeyman of the NSA, an agency charged with an important mission to defend the very liberties Snowden claims to uphold, is extremely disingenuous. Pride is this fellow’s undoing. Snowden is a traitor, and who knows what else.
  • Talking about privacy policy issues, several Members of Congress this week have asked eBay executives a few questions about eBay’s data privacy policy. The request was prompted by reports of an eBay hack. Meanwhile the White House is preaching ‘sharing‘ on cybersecurity.
  • The House Intelligence Committee chairman, in a public speech, says his Committee has been kept in the dark by the Obama Administration about Afghanistan policy.
  • Roll Call‘s political typecasting for the Select Committee on Benghazi, well worth a read.
  • Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Carter Center report on Venezuela ‘Bland to the bone’
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