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Economic Sanctions on the Venezuelan Regime, Long Overdue

Yleem’s latest commentary piece on economic sanctions and Venezuela ran in today’s print edition of The Washington Times. If there was ever a classic specimen calling for targeted economic sanctions it would be the Venezuelan government.

For some odd reason, and Yleem elaborates on a few reasons why, the Bush and Obama Administrations have resisted just about any effort to politically and economically squeeze Caracas and regime officials:

Much of the recent debate on whether to impose targeted sanctions on Venezuela has focused on the wishes of the various groups opposed to the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. Some argue this discussion is simply a delaying tactic — an excuse by the administration to do nothing. Others press that inaction on Venezuela reflects indifference toward developments in the Western Hemisphere or, worse yet, the bias of some policymakers in favor of socialist governments and policies in the region.

What has been missing in this political tug of war? An elaboration of U.S. national security interests at stake and how these are advanced by imposing strong punitive measures without any further delay.

Evidence has been mounting for years of threats posed to the United States and our democratic allies by the Caracas regime.

Read entire op-ed here. Of course, it is a great read.

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