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Morning Musings

  • Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Feinstein blasts critics of NSA phone program and details how al-Qaeda has metastasized, while “reform” advocates fear legislation being gutted.
  • Be careful what you say in Washington, DC restaurants. Through years, some of my best political leads have come from politicos talking too loud at area eateries. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Middle East envoy Martin Indyk was overheard engaging in what appears to be gratuitous Israel bashing at an upscale bar.  Indyk was fully blaming it for the recent failure of peace talks with the Palestinians and, among other things, called WINEP founding member Barbi Weinberg a ‘right wing nut job.” Then again, with this Administration, maybe Indyk mean to be overheard … meanwhile Hamas says the war against Israel will continue … 
  • Talking about NSA “reform,” a new report finds that Comcast is a very active participant in Washington’s Revolving Door
  • Hillary Clinton ‘clearly bears responsibility’ for Benghazi, Cheney says; while Democrats in Congress continue to be coy about participating in the select committee process.
  • Immigration “reform,” is already underway: Former Salvadoran gang member says he’s living right and deserves U.S. protection. His case could set federal court precedent on how to deal with complex immigration cases with a human rights component. Meanwhile the DHS head says a ‘fresh start’ needed for the nation’s deportation program.
  • The new normal: Militias launch an assault on the Libyan parliament, attempt to dissolve it.
  • Argentine Court – most fortunately – Rejects ‘Truth Commission’ Deal with Iran. Judges found the proposed agreement unconstitutional and an invasion of the judiciary’s role in ascertaining and bringing to justice the Iranian terrorists.
  •  Your tax dollars go missing; this time over at the Department of Labor: According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), more than half of international grants distributed by the Labor Department are missing documentation. As you’ll recall if you’ve been reading this blog, the State Department has yet to account for approximately $6 billion that went missing during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at Foggy Bottom. 
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