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Congress, Politically “Ping” the University of Glasgow


British news reporting the Edward Snowden, a fugitive from U.S. law, has been “installed” as a University of Glasgow rector. The University announced it with a tweet:

A cursory review of the UG website details various U.S. taxpayer-funded grants including from the Department of Labor and the Department of Transportation. There are others.

As the UG leadership is eager to welcome Mr. Snowden, may be it’s time for the U.S. Congress to take a closer look at U.S. grants currently being used at UG. They may also want to request a list from the Obama Administration of future grant opportunities.

UG can have Snowden and all the headaches it will bring them such as, putting in risk future research work funded by U.S. taxpayers.

UPDATE 25Apr14: UG Media & Public Relations E-Mail Responding to original post: 

The following is from a 25 April e-mail from the UG Media & Public Relations office to the DC Dispatches. We’ll have follow-up commentary later this weekend:

The post of Rector is to represent the students of the University of Glasgow. Candidates are nominated by the students themselves, and whilst the University oversees the election we have no input to the process. The Rector is not active in University strategy or policy-making, and senior management have not – as you state in your post – been “eager to welcome Mr Snowden”.  The role is principally as spokesperson and representative for student issues, though this will obviously present challenges given Mr Snowden’s current location . It has to be stressed that it was the decision of the students, and the students alone, to make their choice.

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