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Morning Musings

  • Congress is away on Week Two of Spring break. Have recess? Will travel. Vice President Joe Biden and Members of Congress are in the Ukraine.  That ringing sound you’re hearing is U.S. taxpayer dollars … let’s hope they invest it wisely.
  • Over at the DiploPundit, “Iraq Got BLISS, Now US Mission Afghanistan Gets ALiSS or Afghanistan Life Support Services”.
  • According to Voice of America, multi-national companies are finding ways to evade Western economic sanctions against Russia. Sanctions? This near hyper obsession with sanctions in the media is rather, well, odd.
  • The Left is really upset today with the DNI James Clapper. Clapper “bans,” “issues limits,” “forbids,” “prohibits employees from speaking,” and the “top spook’s stupid gag order” are just a few of the verbal daggers. What did Clapper do? Why, his job. Judging from the Left’s reaction, he must be doing something right and, almost assuredly, involves more than just a directive advising employees that it is against the law to leak classified information to the media, as well as talk to the media about other matters. Leaks will never end in this town, not even in the intelligence community. But a bucket of very cold water every now and then is a good thing.
  • Talking about law-breaking and leakers, Edward Snowden and his facilitators are still cashing in. A book is due out next month. Pulitzers and several other awards later, for serious journalism to make a comeback they will need to do better than this or hiring psychological consultants.
  • Want know more about the U.S. security clearances? The 2013 Report on Security Clearance Determinations was published last week. This will give you a flavor why it has become extremely challenging to control leaks in this town, and elsewhere.
  • Leahy vs Menendez – Menendez still on top.
  • RNC: “Join President George H.W. Bush in supporting the work of the Republican National Committee as our Party prepares for one of the most important mid-term elections in history … For a limited time only, donate $35 to the RNC and you will receive a special-edition pair of socks designed exclusively by the RNC in honor of President George H.W. Bush.”
  • Certain Members of Congress are arguing, again, that the intelligence budget should not be secret. Some folks, correctly, believe that there is way too much in the public domain as it is…
  • Radio talk show host Michael Savage talks China, U.S. political corruption and, export controls, sort of (5 minute audio). If this California State legislator were a Republican, it would be mainstream news. I’ve been monitoring this story since it broke a few weeks ago. The national GOP and the GOP Conference in Congress could use this story to educate voters on the state of the Democratic Party, as well as a serious issue involving weapons smuggling, and maybe more, as well as attempts by foreign governments to penetrate the U.S. political system. In others, this story is made-for Congressional oversight. For now, it will remain west of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Concerned about the NSA and surveillance? As we point out on this site every now and then, if you’re concerned about the surveillance and privacy, consider activities closer to home or from above (commercial satellite mapping). For example, the University of Kentucky is investing millions to install 2,000+ cameras on campus. Police departments, maybe in your town, have the ability to use ‘Wide Area Surveillance‘ or inventory (right here near me) every single car passing through town.
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