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Mexico and Other Nations Owe the United States

When a child is bullied, sooner or later, that child instinctively knows that he or she must put a stop to it or it will continue and escalate. Parents or school officials can do little to stop it. As soon as the child take a stand, generally, the bully moves on. The GOP needs to take this simple listen to heart when it comes to Left’s fanatical immigration reform efforts.

Rather than step up and fix a broken immigration system, for decades the Republican Party has allowed itself to be bullied by the Left. The attacks are having the intended effect, especially on a small group of Republicans in the House and Senate targeted for a long time by these people. Being called a racist, or having your home or office occupied by rented mobs, eventually takes its toll. They even mock religion to score political points on this issue. The Left has set a trap and the GOP leadership refuses or is unable to see it.

While the business, political, and even religious interests bicker and wage political warfare, individuals and families are used as political pawns by the very same groups purporting to want to help them. The continual raising of false hope and expectation for amnesty will also take a toll.  It alienates folks from all ideological and political persuasions. Political leaders talk about compassion, but there is no compassion in any of this whatsoever. Even one of the Left’s icon, Cesar Chavez, opposed illegal immigration, some argue quite vehemently, because he understood the human side of this debate, as well as the economic and political issues at play.

Pelosi and the rest of the Left go to great lengths, even on Christianity’s holiest of Holy Days, to score political points on the immigration issue. They will go as far as they need to ensure a new generation of Democratic voters. Why? Because the Democratic Party is devoid of ideas, they need perpetual conflict to succeed,and has been hijacked by the radical Left. (Note: according to the media, Pelosi, who claims to be Catholic, is at an Episcopal Church in this photo.)

Then there are the foreign nations who lobby for reform, the most vocal being Mexico. Not one single reform proposal places burden sharing on the Mexican taxpayer or any other nation. The U.S. taxpayer sends a lot of money to these countries, as well as preferential trade concessions. Access to the U.S. market is a privilege, not a right. Many nations in the Western Hemisphere, have abused this privilege as have people who come here legally and over stay as well as those who come here illegally.

U.S. taxpayers send millions of dollars to several Western Hemisphere nations; if they want that money, they need to do better controlling their borders. Congress must hold these nations accountable by restricting and conditioning assistance, as well as revisiting terms of several trade agreements or imposing penalties, yes tariffs (on trade, not people), on nations that refuse to take concrete steps to get a handle on migration issues. Truly comprehensive reform must include a foreign policy and national security component that looks beyond border security; without it, it is reform in name only.

While there are elements of the right whose rhetoric may sting, that is equally true, and in some cases more so, to what the Left has done to the national discourse on this issue. It may not be a felony, but it remains illegal to remain in this great country without legal status. We can be both humane and show a deep respect for the law. Anyone who says, or implies otherwise, has little appreciation for either. As trite as this may sound these days, we remain a nation of laws. It is what keeps us a breath’s step from a Lord of the Flies existence. And if our allies fail to grasp that, then we should question how good of an ally that particular nation claims to be.

America is a generous nation, however, we’re not the world’s ATM or social welfare way station. Republicans should know better that to allow this issue to devolve to this point. They can and must do better. What worked in 1986, will never work in a post 09.11.01 world. Stand up to the Left’s bullies. Our national security depends on it. That is why they should wait until 2015 to press forward on balanced reform; especially if the Senate will switch to GOP control. Then and only then will they be able to beat back the bullies of the Left-wing of the Democratic Party.

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