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Morning Musings

  • Pre-trial hearings for terrorists began in federal court in Miami. They’ve hit a slight snag over an alleged FBI agent’s efforts to turn one of the accused to assist the United States as an informant in the global war against radical Islam. Yet another piece in the puzzle that the bad guys are building on how they, in the future, can better trick and evade our legal and political systems.
  • As expected the Left and many Democrats are blaming anyone but them on the latest data breach matter, Heartbleed. The last few months, they’ve criticized the NSA for snooping on Americans. Now they argue that the NSA is not doing enough to protect Americans from cyber criminals. Adult supervision is sorely needed. Congress needs to provide it.
  • Liam Fox Op-Ed: “Edward Snowden thinks of himself as a cyber-age guerrilla warrior, but in reality he is a self-publicizing narcissist.” Indeed.
  • Homeland Security Newswire: “Hacked U.S. surveillance drone over Crimea shows new face of warfare”. It would be great if Congress would allocate budget resources so the correct agency(s) receive proper authorities and appropriations do to their jobs. There is a drone control agency turf war underway, has been for some time.
  • Talking about drones, Google is all in. And this will be good for the regulatory scene. The private sector needs to weigh in some more with the Congress on drone laws. Google’s voice is a positive development.
  • Are the financial markets really rigged? This could become one of the big stories in this town for 2014.
  • According to a Reuters story, China’s President Xi, who is also head of the military, told officers “to speed up air and space integration and sharpen their offensive and defensive capabilities … [but gave] no details of how China expects to do this.” Hint: they will do as they have done for decades, China will steal the know-how from the United States.
  • Terrorist group Hamas’s New York lawyer pleads guilty to tax offenses.
  • In Cuba, the Communist Party has a new rule in place, no toys from “terrorists” can be distributed to Cuban children. If you’re thinking al-Qaeda or Cuba’s ally the FARC, you’re way off because these “terrorists” live in Miami and are American citizens.  Cuba, a state sponsor of terrorism, has been hurling epithets at Cuban exiles for decades. It sees shadows in every corner and will never change. Not even for the children.
  • If you own any type of property – an apartment, single family home, raw land, etc – you should really take a little time to learn about Cliven Bundy’s decades-long quest to save his family’s Nevada cattle ranch. This past weekend the Bundy family won, temporarily, a small battle in this yet to be decided struggle pitting property rights defenders and the federal regulatory superstate. How contentious did it become? Investor Business Daily‘s editorial board said it best: “If the forces deployed in and around the Nevadan’s ranch had been deployed to Benghazi, it’s likely Glen Doherty, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and Ambassador Christopher Stevens would be alive today.” This issue is far from resolved. The Left, including environmental radical backed by certain Democratic Party leaders such as Harry Reid, will be back. Soon. This issue goes beyond the federal government. Certain state and local governments across the United States are abusing the regulatory processes. Learn more about Cliven Bundy and his battle in defense of private property rights here.

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