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Morning Musings

  • What type of boxer was Senator Reid? He seems easily ruffled these days, not the trait of a skilled boxer. What set him off now? This weekend former CIA Director Michael Hayden said what many wish they could, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) seems to have allowed “emotion” cloud her judgment on the CIA interrogation review. A few hours later, Reid and other Democrats started with the “war on women” screed. Reid’s emotional outburst, one of many the past few years, is why most Americans tune out Washington, DC.
  • And what about those Senate staffers? You know the ones I’m talking about (read our earlier musings for the past week or so).
  • Krikorian on Governor Jeb Bush: “Sure, some illegal immigrants are acting out of love. So what?”  The immigration discussion generates a lot of emotional outbursts, especially and almost exclusively from the Left (I do not see conservative groups staging protests, million people marchesstorming Congressional offices, or producing historically revised and politically correct movies about a Hispanic labor movement). As a lawyer, what I find most disconcerting from the Left on many issues, including immigration, is that once society accepts legal relativism as “ok” (i.e., it’s OK to break U.S. law to come to the United States out of love), then society is well on its way to authoritarianism. There are no easy fixes to any public policy problem, not even immigration. After 09.11.01, a 1986-like solution is a sure recipe for long-term disaster. As with the data privacy debate, another gift from the Left, folks need to cool it.
  • Iran’s choice to serve as its UN Ambassador came under fire in the Senate yesterday. They should talk with the former U.S. hostages held by the Iranian regime 444 days. This bill could’ve served as a platform to raise awareness to the fact that these brave Americans have yet to be compensated by the Iranians.
  • Microsoft may have a cyber security problem, at least the 500 million computers running Windows XP certainly may. I’ve not interfaced with a PC Windows environment for some time, however, as of today, if you own a machine running a Windows XP-based operating system, you’re on your own. No more support. According to POLITICO, that leaves “a quarter of the world’s computers effectively undefended against hackers and cybercriminals.” Has Microsoft put at risk the national or global computer network? If they have, I can see a Congressional hearing, or two, or more, if this vulnerability is used by a cyber punk to exploit the grid. The days of software giants blaming users for some of their problems is soon coming to an end. Liability pendulum could wing if Congress so wills it. For now XP users, good luck.
  • If this is true, North Korea’s supreme leader appears just as mentally unstable as his father: death by flamethrower. Several newspapers reported this morning that Kim Jong-un put a senior official to death because he was too close to a relative who had been found guilty of crimes against the state, including corruption. In a related incident, North Korea’s Ambassador to Cuba was also put to death. Maybe Jong-un was upset with how his man in Havana bungled the arms smuggling case that resulted in a United Nations investigation and a lot of negative publicity. North Korean power purges happen and they tend to be very “emotional” events.
  • They are coming for your crypto currency, literally. A Republican Congressman introduced a bill that would tax Bitcoins and other digital currency. Meanwhile over in Brazil, tax authorities decreed yesterday that all cryptocurrency is taxable. The law and regulatory regime is way behind the times on the issue. Expect more Congressional oversight in the future. I find it really odd that Congress wants to regulate something that most Members, as well as staff, have no idea what they intend to regulate. Is it property? Is it currency? Something else? Expect a backlash.
  • A little good news: the Supreme Court passed on weighing in on NSA surveillance, at least for now.
  • A California teacher does the right thing but the principal suspends him. The community is rallying behind the wrestling coach. His crime? Subduing a drug dealing student who took a swing at him. I wonder if Reid thinks this teacher became too emotional?
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