Morning Musings

  • Jonathan Pollard may be staying put. And that would be good. It truly is a ‘horrible idea‘.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation yesterday to block entry to the United States of Iran’s new U.N. Ambassador pick.
  • After several rounds of perfunctory indignation by several U.S. over NSA allegedly using a loophole in U.S. law, the non-debate over reform continued. Imagine that. A federal agency using a loophole to do its job. I wish Members of Congress would be this upset over ObamaCare.
  • Talking about ObamaCare, Socialism sounds great, until …
  • The Washington Post, finally, weighs in with what is really afoot: Congress and the CIA are in a feud. And it has a lot more to do than just this recent interrogation memo. After the Senate is done with the bash Bush memo, it needs to deal with its own house. Did Senate staff unlawfully remove classified materials from a secure room? Former Senate staffers have been fired for less … no one is above the law, especially Congressional staff.
  • N.B., I think privacy as we know it is done for. The free market has seen to that. Americans have embraced technology because it makes life easier for them. As for Washington, DC, the intelligence community has become, yet again, the boogeyman used by special interest groups (i.e., people with agendas). Oversight is important, as is privacy. But so is national security. Take this point to your data bank: the private sector knows a lot more about you than does Uncle Sam. It can also collect a lot more data about you, without government interference, then the government ever will. The public policy debate is important, and never-ending. Let’s keep it in context.
  • As a “privacy debate” rages on in this town, a lot of Americans want to be tagged. Makers of the latest Bluetooth LE mini device called “Tile”, want to build the world’s largest Lost and Found.  And they seem to be well on their way. They’ve already pre-sold more than $2 million worth of Tiles ($19.95 each). Are policymakers in this town taking notice? As I said in the prior bullet, the markets are making warp speed decisions about privacy issues. As usual, political DC will play catch up, including the agencies that need to keep the country safe. We’ve included the promo video at the end of this post.
  • The bigger threat to your personal privacy is not the NSA. Look to the HHS and other non-national security federal agencies.
  • Congress sent yesterday a Ukraine legislative package to the President. He is expected to sign it.
  • Over at the DiploPundit, we learn that the State Department issues nomination call for the first Golden Gooseberry Awards for worst performances of the year. They best be careful. If they nominate the lead, they could lose their jobs.
  • Israeli mini-UAS manufacturers argue for eased export restrictions.

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