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Morning Musings

  • Vice President Biden decrees that illegal aliens are ‘already Americans.’ Last I checked, we’re still a nation of laws. He may want to skim, for starters, 8 USC § 1325. This is just more political pandering from the Left of the Democratic Party. Rather than work with the GOP to reform existing immigration laws, they take advantage of a vulnerable class of people to exact political points.
  • The House and Senate yesterday approved two bills, that need to go to conference, to address Russian adventurism in Ukraine. It went mostly without incident, however, there was some histrionics over in the House. Meanwhile, the Russians are coming …
  • Over in the usually more genteel Senate, Capitol Police make a drug bust.
  • The GOP Cloak Room Mandarins are working overtime. The whisper campaign against Chairman Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) is in high gear. According to an article in today’s POLITICO, a few disgruntled and unnamed Republicans “expressed frustration” with Chairman Issa’s ongoing oversight investigations of the IRS. This is an inside the beltway parlor game that, regrettably, the GOP brought upon themselves by implementing a term limit rule for Committee Chairman. It is a dumb rule (elections are the best term limits) and should be done away with. It empowers the unelected to game the system (think K Street) and it also leads to silly stories such as this one. It is easy to throw stones at an outgoing Chairman, especially when your successors are plotting to take the gavel.
  • Actress Molly Parker, whose currently playing the role of a Congressman on House of Cards, told POLITICO that “I don’t know if [House of Cards is] like Washington, but I sure hope not, and I assume not.” Thankfully, no. Folks here are not that organized or depraved.
  • Whispers in the Loggia pens on Obama’s visit with the Holy Father, while Virginia’s own Rep. Frank Wolf pens a letter to the President yesterday urging Obama and his advisors to stop talking about “potential persecution” of Christians and appoint a special envoy for religious minorities.
  • Persecution of Christians? Learn more here: In Defense of Christians.
  • And, right here in Virginia, seems like a local county official is persecuting threatening constituents. I’m not concerned at all about the target of  Faquier County Supervisor R. Holder Trumbo‘s ire. Martha Boneta can take care of herself. But that’s not the point is it? If you’re an elected official, you should know better.
  • The radical Left and the Green Lobby make an outrageous claim: the Keystone pipeline and fracking cause cancer. This is but the latest tall tale in this seemingly never-ending saga.
  • Obama decrees bulk data collection and storage by the NSA is not a good idea. A win for the bad guys, as well as the radical Left. Of course, the President has done what he does best these days, punts the issue to Congress.
  • Former CIA Director and Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, RIP.
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