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Morning Musings

  • Coulda, woulda, shoulda … Senate Committee releases “Kill Chain” analysis, concludes that the Target data breach was preventable. Target lawyers and lobbyists earned their keep, this could’ve been much worse, politically, for the Target operation.
  • Cyber security meets Congressional oversight. It is here to stay. Really. Help us. All. Once Congress and agencies begin to meddle, they will never stop.
  • And do we really want the government, that cannot even launch a website for a healthcare program, meddling and telling the private sector what is right and wrong in the data/cyber security arena?
  • NSA reforms percolating in the halls of power. It is mostly PR. Attaboys are not oversight.
  • Snowden says NSA reform is a “turning point.” When is someone on the Hill going to focus on the laws he broke, the people he put in danger, as well as the laundry list of other crimes? That would be a genuine and worthwhile turning point. The rest, propaganda for, mostly, the Left.
  • N.B., I’m starting to believe colleagues on the Hill who’ve been telling Yleem and I, for months, that Snowden had help or has been in contact with certain Capitol Hill offices.
  • Privacy (and secrecy) as we know it is a thing of the past. As is national (cyber) security. They know not what they do, most of them.
  • Meanwhile, a Navy database is tracking civilian driving habits and citations. I wonder if these folks know that there are laws in place to keep civilian data away from the hands of the military? You just can’t call it an “information sharing network” and expect a kosher system (see earlier bullet).
  • Let’s pray HHS does not go down the road of the UK’s NHS. Repealing ObamaCare a good palliative.
  • Bitcoin is property, not currency. So sayeth the IRS. So let it be written. So let it be done … this is just the start of the regulatory process and I suspect opposition to the decision will generate legislation this year, and beyond. “Income from whatever source derived,” one of the most abused laws in U.S. history. Congress needed to reign it is, long ago.
  • Senator Cruz forces Harry Reid’s hand on the Senate Ukraine vote.
  • Poking fun (on video) at a Senator farmer can land you in political hot water. Seems like a Democrat is about to be put out to pasture by his party.
  • State Department IG steps in to the Foggy Bottom/USAID bramble: “Assistant Secretary of State Rick Barton and his staff promote a culture of skirting the rules, saying the “urgent” nature of their work and a need for innovation agility justify their rule-bending” … heads … will … roll …
  • Congress is still seeking information on the Benghazi attacks, while the GAO reports that State Department management of security training is putting U.S.  personnel at risk.
  • Finally, is something rotten in the state of Denmark, or is it the banking industry? Congress needs to take a look.
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