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Musings Around Town and Virginia

  • Hold onto your wallets. Secure your bank accounts. After a peaceful week, Members of Congress return to town.
  • The hard left of the Democratic Party wants a Church and Pike-level scandal. The best they can do, Snowden. And now they have the votes to make it so.
  • Be careful what you wish for in this town, it may come true. Playing politics with national security, over a span of many years, weakened our defenses and allowed bad people to do bad things to our country.
  • Reminder: U.S. Senate staffers allegedly stole classified information from secure computer systems. Former CIA lawyer, John Rizzo, chimes in (great read). POLITICO headline on a related story, a little over the top. In the end, cooler heads may supremely prevail.
  • P.S., in an inter-agency or inter-branch fight, fight to win. And, usually, Congress always wins.
  • This should stay out of the limelight, but, if true, good news from the intelligence community.
  • In addition to the (bipartisan Congressional war against the intelligence community, this will also be the week of “who has the most testosterone” on dealing with Russia.  Tip: even with economic sanctions, it helps to use overwhelming force. Targeted pinpricks are too little, too late.
  • Socialist politicians appear to have been trounced this weekend, in France. Wonder if our French-speaking Secretary of State is thinking, Vive la nouvelle France …
  • Meanwhile, right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state government shutdown looming? Democrats think they can browbeat the legislature to do its bidding. Good luck. This will do a lot to unite Virginia Republicans, that is, if Virginia Republicans stand their ground and block the Left and their governor, Terry McAuliffe.
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