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Musings Around Town

  • Venezuela sent out the stormtroopers to crackdown on peaceful demonstrations, more civilians died. Meanwhile opposition leaders who spoke in various Washington, DC fora face charges of treason upon return to Cubazuela or Venecuba. That’s how Venezuela treats its Members of Congress.
  • The war of words, not sanctions, is in full swing over the Ukraine. If only this much resolve had been used years ago …  sanctions are tools, albeit important ones, but more than that needed to carve out a long-term solution.
  • Meanwhile downtown business groups “relieved” that it’s just a war of words on the economic sanctions front.
  • Netflix has one less Russian customer this week.
  • Clinton attempts to take credit on Iran sanctions success. No comment. It’s Lenten Friday and we abstain from red meat, including political read meat.
  • Iran bought luxury cars with medical funds. Some sanctions …
  • The Congressional Ethics Committee announced yesterday that it is reviewing certain lobbyists contacts with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)
  • In the other war of words, the Democratic Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, attempts to open another front in the war against the intelligence community. Feinstein, Reid, and other Liberals should start by reviewing allegedly unlawful acts by Senate staff who reportedly removed classified documents from secure locations. All that said, if even half of what Senator Rand Paul said at Berkeley this week is true, the entire establishment – needs to wake up. They’ve failed to get ahead of this privacy/cyber security debate.
  • The ODNI was created for, among other things, to help the IC talk with one voice. Right now, and its only increasing, we hear many voices on cyber and privacy (or do we all need some political Abilify)? Seems to have been working better beforehand, one less agency/office stewing the intra-agency political brew.
  • High tech CEOs keep seeking political cover on privacy and surveillance …
  • China, India, and Russia share Attaboys! While Congress and the White House talk.
  • Securing Ukraine. But do we really need NATO these days or is time for a new paradigm and model?
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