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  • Good to see that the NSA has, finally, started to ‘unequivocally’ defend itself, contradicting months of spin by the private sector. This development may signal that Congressional oversight is closing in for a political kill next week. I’d like to know what tools the private sector have used in their business, against customer wishes and authorizations?
  • We would’ve lost World War II (and the Cold War) if Washington, DC and corporate America had been inhabited by the culture it has today. America first? Not really. It is Company X, first. Agency X, first. America? That is just something yahoos talk about, America. Reality? They all see November 2014 … times, they are a changing.
  • Several Members of Congress are upset that DoD is buying helicopters from the Russians … that letter should have been sent a few years ago.
  • The Left does not know what to say anymore. Now, it is some CIA/NSA corruption conspiracy. I guess they too see November 2014 as the end of the political road. At least on the Hill.
  • The French foreign minister headed to Cuba to make deals. They best watch out for trafficking issues in confiscated properties formerly owned by U.S. nationals.
  • Made in Virginia: Virginia university details top market for Virginia-made port security products and services.
  • Jet Set, DC Style. Federal officials using official transport for personal travel.
  • Was on the Hill most of the day yesterday. Ah, recess. There used was a time, when recess meant a little more than blue jeans and flip-flops. For example, Committee staff would focus on oversight hearings and, heck, even some Members from safe Congressional districts, who earned Chairmanships by seniority, would hold a field hearing or two. Oversight? What’s that?
  • He may not be running for President in 2016, but it sure sounds like someone who may: Senator Ted Cruz ‘Loves‘ Rand Paul.
  • The Cold War has been in the news a lot these days. Not sure why. Times have changed. However, since the Left always leads by looking in the rear view mirror, here is an image that projects how President’s used to act and lead when confronting an adversary:
Official Caption: “C12820-32, President Reagan meeting with Afghan Freedom Fighters to discuss Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan. 2/2/83. (emphasis and color added)”  What are you thinking? That President Obama meet with defenders of freedom in the Ukraine, Venezuela, Cuba, and elsewhere? Dream on. That takes a national security team and apparatus with vision, brains, and guts, something in short supply in this town the past few years.
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