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Musings Around Town

  • Congress is out of session this week, but some Members making a lot of noise on Iran and more.
  • NATO, asleep at the switch. Again?
  • Certain Members of the House want to “punish” Russia, yet the House and Senate are about to lock horns on just how much is enough. Meanwhile Putin signs treaty to annex Crimea. Damage done.
  • Senators clamoring for security clearance process overhaul. They should start with Congressional staff clearances and, yes, limiting who has them.
  • Deputy NSA IG says he was unaware of NSA spying.  Who is watching the watchers? Congress needs an oversight hearing or two on IGs anyhow. Might as well start here.
  • NSA allegedly has an international phone call ‘time machine‘ …  I wonder how many allies have asked for a copy or two through years of items they needed for security reasons?
  • The late former Senator Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) is in the news today thanks to a Poland gaffe by Vice President Biden.
  • Every GOP talking head should refrain from appearing on any  Al Jazeera‘s Washington, DC programming. Vanity may trap a few. May smarter heads prevail.
  • It is like the creation of the UN Human Rights Council, handing any control of the Internet to foreign interests with poor human rights and free speech records is a very bad idea. Information is power. When will the politicos wake up and learn how to marshall and, yes control, this resource for the 21st century?
  • A quick Caribbean news point. Cuba says it wants to implement a new foreign investor law. I wonder if they are factoring in the $7+ billion U.S.certified property claims cloud that hovers over many future foreign investments in Cuba?
  • Thomas Sowell’s latest, as always, a great read: “Facts and Factions: GOP Disunity Could Keep Senate in Harry Reid’s Hands”
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