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The Homer Simpsons of the Crimea Crisis

Washington, DC is digging out of yet another winter snow storm today. While they are at it, politicos might as well pick up a political shovel to also dig themselves out of the Ukraine political hole they keep digging.

If this is the opening to some new Cold War, doubtful, or a prelude to the new normal the media gurus and political scientists have yet to label, more likely, Russia wins the opening round. Observing most American and EU politicians reminded me of Homer Simpson and his oft-times used Superman prayer:

The U.S. and E.U leaders should have seen this coming. The best they could do? Pray to the god of multilateralism and international “law”. We have been blessed in one sense. These leaders were not around during the Cold War.

The Americans and Europeans can’t seem to agree on a response either. While the U.S. imposed sanctions yesterday, the French was struggling whether to allow the sale to Russia of several helicopter carriers. The Germans are also dawdling. If the U.S. is going to put its economic neck on the line, so should all the EU. The Russian stock market rallied.

Russia’s latest move in the Ukraine is just as brazen as, and in some cases more so, than what Putin and his cronies did in Georgia in 2008. Russians planned the Crimea assault of time years ago. What you’re seeing unfold today was long in the making. How could U.S. and E.U. leaders be caught so flat-footed?

Russia is not looking for war, at least not right now. It has created a political beachhead in the Crimean parliament, a sort of soft tyranny. She is looking beyond, way down the road. Just ask the Baltic states and other neighboring European countries. They know what Russia is up to.It goes well beyond the Ukraine.

Tossing economic sanctions around as some political talisman is too little too late, at least for what has happened the past few weeks. Calling Putin names is also a waste of time and, frankly, childish, because it fuels elements in Russia that do not need much to wind them up. The U.S., E.U. and NATO have been duped. They need to regroup. Fast.

P.S., for you 2016 soothsayers:


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