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Never Giving Up = Key to Political Wins

There are very few people in this town who Yleem and I consider genuine defenders of freedom. Chris Simmons is one of them. The former Army paratrooper turned spy catcher, Simmons has “destroyed or crippled the careers of over 80 spies” who sought to do harm to the U.S. We think he’s being modest. The man never gives up and, in this city, that is a trait be admired.

Former Florida International University (FIU) professors Carlos and Elsa Alvarez are served five years in federal prison for spying for Cuba.
Former Florida International University (FIU) professors Carlos and Elsa Alvarez served five years in federal prison for spying for Cuba. The coupled used academic travel, one of the exceptions to U.S.-Cuba sanctions, to travel to Cuba and other countries to meet with Cuban DGI handlers. As with other foreign governments, the regime uses U.S. academic institutions and professors as tools to advance Cuba’s foreign policy agenda.

His latest post is a case in point, Miami Herald Ignores Abundant Spy Ties in Coverage of “Cuba Conference”. At a time when pro-regime defenders seem to be moving at an alarming speed to do something, anything to weaken U.S. sanctions on Cuba, Simmons asks: “[W]hy is the Miami Herald so adamant about ignoring, suppressing, minimizing or discrediting news on Havana’s spy services?” This is true for just about every media outlet in the United States. When it comes to Cuba, they turn a blind eye to the regime and anything wrong it may be doing. And, as far as this group called CAFE that is referenced in the Herald story, it represents  an extreme minority view within the Cuban-American community.

In a speech in Virginia earlier this year on U.S.-Cuba policy, I talked about Castro Cuba Incorporated, “a chain of stores, some travel agents, and-yes-even media, pushing a soft-line easing of [U.S.] sanctions, to shore up the regime directly and indirectly. Castro Cuba Incorporated serves several purposes: securing funding for the regime and support and expand its intelligence network in the United States.”  The entire speech, in context, is embedded below (English translation to follow soon). When you read Simmons’ piece, you will better understand what I’m talking about.

Simmons, and many others like him still in the government, have tried to uncover the Cuba political, military, and economic network that has existed in the United States for decades. It includes countries and issues other than Cuba. They’ve had many successes, but, and they’ve never told me this, I suspect their efforts have been thwarted or stymied by a cadre of folks, in and out of government, who refuse to accept that the Cuban regime is no friend of the United States. This has been the case since 1959. Nothing has changed, if anything it has become worse. Just ask the people of Venezuela and other nations in the Western Hemisphere who learned, implemented and perfected Cuba-style soft tyranny from Havana.

Never giving up, using facts to back you up, and staying committed to the cause of freedom will always trump the bad guys. Be sure to read Chris’s post here.

2014-1-24 Marti Speech (Arlington Va)

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