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Oliver Stone, Political Numskull

Oliver Stone is, at best, a political numskull. And, with his latest docudrama about Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, Stone has somehow managed to give conspiracy theorists a bad name.

A few years ago, Stone produced a propaganda film praising Chavez and the Bolivarian anti-American movement. Up until a few days ago, I had no idea that it even existed or that it had premiered in New York.  It as re-broadcast last week on Venezuelan state-owned television in memory of the first anniversary of Chavez’s death. Opponents of the Venezuelan regime, understandably upset, launched a social media campaign to express their views.

Whatever regime opponents said, it seriously irritated Stone. Well deserved. According to the Havana Times website, in response to critics, Stone compared the Venezuelan opposition to “right-wing Cuban exiles in Southern Florida”. He also added for good measure:

You act like a bunch of crazed U.S. Tea Party Republicans … Remember the ‘Brooks Brothers riot’ in Miami during the 2000 election debacle? You don’t read anything that’s different from what you think. You write to me calling me all kinds of horrible names. You don’t entertain any opposing ideas.

The Venezuelan opposition has held protests throughout the country since mid-February. Had not heard about it? The media and political elites in Washington, DC ignore it. Castro, DC political elites, and others of the international left, hope the growing pro-freedom protestors go away.

Stone is apoplectic to see the streets of Caracas overflow with opposing ideas to the Socialist experiment. But none of this makes him a political numskull. It’s the movie. I watched all of My Friend Hugo. It qualifies as psychological torture under the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

There were cameos from all members of the Bolivarian Axis. Argentina’s Kirchner. Bolivia’s Morales. Ecuador’s Rafael Correa. And, of course, the leader of the pack, Cuba’s Fidel and Raul Castro. At one point in the movie, Stone endorses dictatorships without term limits and praises the Bolvarian Axis for its efforts to change Latin America. Stone adds, “…look at the misery of what took place in Latin America at the hands of the United States…” caused by rich people and oligarchs with the support of U.S. corporations.

If the United States were at war with the Bolivarian Axis, Stone would be guilty of treason. It’s too bad that such a talented person, an American at least on paper, would opt to use his gifts and many talents to attack his nation. He’s propagating lies as well as aiding and abetting countries whose primary aim is to eliminate the U.S. influence in these countries.

Try as he might, however, freedom is a lot more powerful than any film. Free market capitalism, destroyed communism during the Cold War. And, it will do so again in these American countries. Just look to the streets of Venezuela and Cuba. People are tired of these regimes. Against the odds, they are managing to make their views known. In the end, these people will win and the political numbskulls will be on the wrong side of history.

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