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Diplomatic Happy Talk Leads to Western Hemisphere Ambivalence

Joel Pollack at Brietbart recently posted a piece that I wanted to share with our readers, “Why Are Conservative Media Ignoring Venezuela?”. In reality, all media are ignoring Venezuela and all things related to the Western Hemisphere and the reason for it, in large measure, is how the White House has failed to articulate a goals for the region. But the real reason is that conservative and other media choose to ignore it.

The national security and foreign policy equities are very different in the Americas versus, say, the Crimea. But just because there are different issues at play in many regions of the world, does not mean one region is more important than the other.

Political scientists have the luxury of time to do regional and comparative analysis; political leaders can do so when they are no longer in public office. No one is paying attention to Venezuela because the Obama Administration has absolutely no foreign policy vision for the Western Hemisphere.

Rather than lead, it reacts. And when it reacts, it does so poorly and usually at the expense of U.S. interests. It coddles and tolerates anti-American Leftists, but isolates, ignores, or in the case of Honduras in 2009, punishes conservatives political leaders seeking to protect freedom, rule of law, and free enterprise.

Why has this happened?

In part, many of President Obama’s Latin America advisors are ideologically to the Left. These people are ashamed of using American power to project, protect, and strengthen U.S. interests. Rather than stand for something, anything, they opt for diplomatic happy talk that accepts all points of view as valid for discussion.

The good news is that a very select group of Members of Congress, mostly Republicans, have attempted to craft a regional view that takes into account political, economic, and, yes, national security interests throughout the Americas. Why?

Because the Western Hemisphere should stand for something more than just a conglomeration of nations. It must be the beacon of free enterprise, rule of law, and democracy. The very things that thugs in Cuba and Venezuela are seeking to undermine, and have been doing so for quite some time.

The global war against terrorism is very real in the Americas, with direct ties to the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere. As far back as 2004, the Joint Chiefs were calling it part of the arc of instability that required attention. An aspect of this issue that this White House has all but ignored.

What is taking place in Venezuela right now is very serious and important for regional stability and economic prosperity. How goes Venezuela could determine how things will go for Cuba. Cuba knows it and that is why Raul Castro and his machine are knee-deep in Venezuela right now, with Russian support.  And, as I said at the onset, all the media has opted to ignore it.

To understand Latin America’s importance to the United States, and the free world, you must focus on a long game and have vision. Both haven been lacking in this town.

P.S., This weekend in El Salvador, the U.S. is about to be handed a likely defeat in elections that will likely put in power radical, anti-American leaders. Nicaragua, not far behind as far as Constitutional crises go.  Stay tuned … 

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