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Guest Dispatch: When the lights go on …

We have a Guest Dispatch this afternoon from the West Coast.  John penned a few dispatches last year from his perch in Oregon. Yes, amigos, there are many Republicans in Beaver State. We look forward to many more dispatches from out west, especially from our friend, Johnny Dadums.  This post is a little Biblical, with a whole lot of commonsense.

When the lights go on …

By John Flores, Oregon

“Let there be light…”

We’ve mostly all read that phrase in Genesis.

Perhaps you’ve seen in cartoons and comedies, the iconic symbol of the light bulb flashing above someone’s head when an incredible and brilliant idea comes to them?

Well, picture that happening at Fox News headquarters and at the Republican National Committee.

In a Fox News story this morning, and posted on “Fox News Latino”, the amazing story of GOP gains among Hispanic voters is laid out for all to see.

Anyone who has read my previous contributions to this web page knows I have advocated for this type of outreach since my first Congressional campaign in 1994.

Electioneering every two years when you remember a constituency is not the way to build a base of support. Constant contact with your electorate is essential to building gains within a community.

Driving the core Republican values to Hispanics is more important now than ever, and most likely to yield results in the voting booth come the mid-term elections in November.

As I said earlier, I’ve advocated for this type of outreach over and over again. But too many people smarter than me didn’t think it necessary. Now I can only say: “I told you so” and, “You’re welcome!”

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