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The Establishment GOP, “Crime Family”?

We’ve met at social gathering and fundraisers, but I do not know Craig Shirley. Judging from what he told Brietbart yesterday, if correct, maybe I should get to know him a little better.

If you spend enough time in the Washington, DC and Northern, Virginia region, and you enjoy politics, you’ll meet all sort of interesting people. Yes, we live in a transient area. You meet a lot of new people all the time because people tend to take what they need from here and leave.

However, some of these transplants stay. And when it comes to politicos, if you need assistance navigating this place, find one who has been around some time. They tend to make excellent advisors. They’re blunt because they’ve navigated the process that, at times, can get quite ugly. Shirley may be in that camp.

Anyhow, what did Shirley say that grabbed my attention? According to Brietbart, Shirley said the “Republican party is no longer a political party in the way we understand political parties … [i]t more resembles a crime family than a movement of ideas.”

A crime family? To a lawyer that term generates, or should, images of an organized crime syndicate. RICO laws. FCPA. Drugs. Born and raised in South Florida, Tony Montana and Scarface come to mind. But the GOP? I have an idea what Shirley is talking about

One thing Shirley is right on point about is that the GOP has ceased to be the party of ideas. I’m not sure when it happened. It just has.

We shirk from political fights. The ideological struggles, non-existent because most of our political leaders are cookie cutter politicians. We need leaders, but we have armies of followers.

We’re so far from the arena that I wonder if we even have a bench. We devour our own when we should be focusing on the enemy. The solution? Not sure.

One thing I think is certain, is that tone and tenor of the 2016 Republican National Convention could be a re-play of the 1976 in GOP convention in Kansas City.

We’re long overdue for a political Seinfeld Festivus celebration, especially an airing of grievances. I pray the outcome of the 2016 convention is different from 1976. If you’re a political junkie, you’ll know what I’m referring to. Watch the video below. Reagan’s impromptu speech is toward the end of preview.

As for Shirley’s quote, be sure to read the entire Brietbart article, and Shirley’s quote, in context.

By the way, Shirley has penned a few great books, including a few about Ronald Reagan.  Take a look.

  • John Flores

    Excellent article, Jason. As usual, you are right on the mark! If only the GOP would quit running away from fights worthy of being fought. What a treat it would be to see the party LEAD! I pray the 2016 GOP convention yields a “change we can believe in,” to coin a phrase.

    • We’re in an interesting political cycle and I doubt the Beltway political class even see it. The GOP is changing. There are new leaders coming up the ranks that the establishment class will be unable to control. The “ways of Washington” are no longer going to work. And that is good.

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