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“Hercules” Arrives Tonight in Washington DC, He May Stay Awhile

Those of us who live in these parts, Virginia and the Washington Metro area, kind of like it when the Congress and Executive branch take time off. The news cycle is a little more saner. And the lines at Target and Wal-Mart a little shorter. Traffic? What traffic. For just a few more days, that is a good thing.

We’ll begin 2014 with a snow storm called Hercules. Hercules? The name alone sent shock waves in our area. Weather forecasts project just 1-2 inches of the powdery stuff for our parts. If that holds, it will be madness. Folks around here do not do well with any sudden changes in weather.

Too much rain, traffic jams. Excessive wind, traffic jams. Too sunny, erratic driving and, yes, traffic jams. Snow? Head for the hills and, yes, more traffic jams. Toilet paper will most assuredly disappear from store shelves around noon time. It reflects the political culture. Erratic, unpredictable, non-sensical. When something out of the norm happens, Chicken Little makes an appearance.

If official Washington is still talking about Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson‘s GQ interview, weeks after the first story aired, gird your political loins. 2014 promises to be one heck of a year for political theatre. Why? There is not much to do that can’t wait until after the mid-term elections. What’s on tap?

More of the same as last year: ObamaCare (the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans, if they only knew how to better exploit it), conspiracy theory NSA talk, immigration reform or lack thereof, raising the debt ceiling, and much more, including Duck Dynasty (why, because there will be a key Senate race that could tilt control of the Senate to the GOP). Benghazi is on political life support, but will survive another cycle.

When control of the Senate, the House, and thirty-six governorships are at stake this November, plan on the start of the year as the more likely heated up here. If these people seriously want to move serious legislative product, the first few months of 2014 would be the time to do it. The Un-Lobbyists will be working overtime, even if there nothing to do. But do we really want these folks tinkering at all with the system? Maybe they should wait until 2015.

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