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Musings from Around Town and Virginia

  • Congress is out-of-town this week. The President remains in Hawaii.
  • Diplo Denzien: “Out of the cauldron of putrid politics that is America’s ambassadorial spoils system, yet another sordid tale of shameless corruption emerges.” Need we say more? Read on.
  • If there is one thing that Marxists and Communists do well is propaganda. For example, Chinese Communist Party leaders say they are cracking down on corruption. The thing is that in order to combat state corruption, you first need rule of law.
  • Over in the Commonwealth of Virginia, good news. A bill has been withdrawn in the Assembly that would have mandated an organ donation “opt in” list. See prior bullet.
  • The European Union draws up new economic sanctions on … Israel. If approved, it would be a crime to send Euros to Israeli entities located in “eastern Jerusalem” or the area known as the West Bank. One wonders what would happen if the EU would really cooperate with the U.S. on tough sanctions on places that really need them such as Iran or Cuba?
  • The Iranian Parliament is pushing for weapons-grade uranium enrichment. No good deed goes unpunished.
  • Maybe Iranian diplomats in the United States just want to tap Medicaid funds?
  • The Saudis want a nuclear 123 agreement with the United States. Certain Saudi Royals are threatening to buy French weapon systems if the US does not m0ve faster on nuclear cooperation. The region will soon be a multi-state nuclear zone.
  • Der Spiegel laments “on call NSA digital plumbers,” or Tailored Access Operations (TAO) that “exploits the technical weaknesses of the IT industry, from Microsoft to Cisco and Huawei, to carry out its discreet and efficient attacks.” Germany’s near obsession with the Snowden scandal clearly demonstrates it suffers from intelligence-envy.
  • Benghazi, it is not going to go away Mrs. Clinton. What difference does it make? You’re no longer Secretary of State. So call off the New York Times defense. It is completely false.
  • Born and raised in Miami, Florida, and a son of Cuban political exiles, I saw first-hand the pains of fleeing a nation because of political persecution. With Miami Herald stories such as this one: “Among Cuban Exiles, an Old Toast Goes Silent“, we are all reminded that it is time to repeal or seriously amend the Cuban Adjustment Act. This law, and certain aspects of U.S. policy, has created Castro Incorporated in Miami, Florida. Castro Incorporated are the constellation of businesses that fuel family and cultural travel as well as remittances to the island.
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