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China-Nicaragua Canal, News to Many Nicaraguans

There have been news reports floating around the web for some time now about a canal that the Chinese government allegedly wants to build in Nicaragua. The latest articles were published in the UK’s Daily Mail and the Daily Caller.

Yet when I ask non-Sandinista Nicaraguan political types about it, they insist that there is no chance this will ever happen. Some are even questioning if such a deal really exists at all, believing that the Sandinistas may be staging a public relations stunt.  Purpose? Intimidate DC policymakers, and others in Central America and Nicaragua, to secure concessions in other areas. The Chinese are, supposedly, in on it.

The whole project seems preposterous, even more so when I see things such as images of the Virgin Mary popping up within life-size dioramas of the proposed waterway.  This could all just be for domestic consumption too. Remember, that the Sandinistas are gearing up for elections in their quest to create another Bolivarian dictatorship in the hemisphere. Such a project provides a perfect distraction.

If this were a serious undertaking, then the Chinese government is dabbling in regional political waters that could elevate this issue as a political problem for the People’s Republic. There are also many anti-Sandinistas leaders who will not sit idly by and allow the Chinese to do this.

Whatever is going on, someone is going to a lot of trouble to promote the proposed waterway and I expect that someone in the U.S. Congress will soon make inquiries about the matter.

Stay tuned.

P.S., I wonder what the Miskito people think about all this?

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